Paris Jackson’s Real Biological Father Threatens Debbie Rowe With Exposure

Paris Jackson’s Real Biological Father Threatens Debbie Rowe With Exposure

Is Debbie Rowe threatening Paris Jackson’s real father to stay away? Or is he threatening Debbie with exposure as a money-grubbing mercenary who sold her children to MJ for $8 million? Well, she’s definitely threatening the man pretending to be Paris’ real dad. Mark Lester, a former friend of Michael Jackson’s, has come forward and stated that he is the true father of Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson, and he also says that Michael wouldn’t have wanted Debbie to have a relationship with her children.

Considering that Debbie has just recently mended the fences with Paris, this is definitely a surprising turning of events. Lester wrote to Debbie on Twitter, saying, “Hi Debbie I think we need to talk for the good of Paris. We have strong family ties here it can only be for the best x.”

Of course, Debbie retaliated by tweeting in response, “Why don’t you go to hell. BTW surprised your family speaks to you after all the crap you spew. Good for you stay away from me and my kids.”  Mark tried asking why she was being so aggressive since he only came ‘in peace’, but Debbie wasn’t hearing any of it.

Paris Jackson’s Real Biological Father Threatens Debbie Rowe With Exposure

Debbie was supposedly thinking of moving more permanently to Los Angeles to spend time with Paris during her recovery, but will this claim  by Mark cause any disruption to that? Unlikely. From the way Mark’s been going about things on Twitter, I doubt he’s telling the truth. First of all, why would you reach out to someone on Twitter? Secondly, if you really did have your ‘daughter’s’ best interests at heart, you would have reached out a long time ago. Lastly, if he really wanted Debbie to stay away from ‘his children’ and claims that’s what Michael wanted, he would try to prove his paternity so he could actually have a legitimate claim to them. From all of his actions, Mark Lester is just coming off as another lost child star looking for fifteen minutes more fame.

Paris Jackson’s Real Biological Father Threatens Debbie Rowe With Exposure

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15 responses to “Paris Jackson’s Real Biological Father Threatens Debbie Rowe With Exposure”

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I wish everyone would just leave this poor girl alone

    • imani1962 says:

      Agreed!!! It does go along with celebrity status though. You can be famous one day and infamous another. When you are the child of a celebrity or a child celebrity yourself, this is the kind of attention that you will get. It goes with the territory.Celebrity status means being, rich, famous, powerful and the talk of the town.

      I do believe though, if a white male celebrity had claimed that 3 children that looked completely African American, were Caucasian , black people would have a serious problem with that.

  2. imani1962 says:

    IF Paris Jackson was not a celebrity then Mark Lester would definitely be more credible. Take a childhood picture of Mark Lester and take a childhood picture of Michael Jackson and then put Paris Jackson’s photo between the both and you will have your answer. If Mark Lester is not the father then there is a white man out there who is the father. No other white man has come forth so it seems reasonable that Mark Lester is the biological father. His story of sperm donation is backed up by Arnold Klein who donated sperm, a bodyguard who donated sperm, and a friend of Michael, who says Michael admitted that he was not the father of Prince or Paris. If Paris was just an average white girl and they were on Maury, and Debbie had to chose between Michael being the bio dad, or Mark being the bio dad, it would seem incredulous that she would believe Michael in his unaltered state was the father of her child. And Mark Lester did not just come out recently making these allegations. In 2009 he appeared on Good Morning America and said he believed Paris to be his bio daughter, and he brought one of his other daughters with him. When he was on the Today show they put together photos of Paris and Mark Lester and they have a strong resemblance. Mark Lester was a friend of Michael’s for over thirty years. I am sure if he wanted someone to father his children it would be someone that he knew well. And Michael Jackson made Mark Lester the Godfather to all three children. And Michael Jackson is the Godfather to Mark Lester’s children. Michael’s children had a long term relationship with Mark Lester and his kids, as well as with Arnold Klein. Arnold Klein is the one in the photo at their last Christmas celebration. The one person Michael did not bring around his children was Debbie Rowe. And she is nowhere as close to those children as Mark Lester. It was Debbie Rowe who received 8 million dollars to be a surrogate to Michael’s two eldest children. And she received a house in Beverly Hills worth millions. At the most surrogate get about 100,000 dollars per child. And when Michael was being tried in 2005 Debbie Rowe tried to get custody of his kids. He had to pay her an additional 100,000 dollars so she could sue him for custody. Debbie Rowe said she wanted nothing to do with either of those kids. She said they meant nothing to her. She said her horses and dogs meant more to her than Prince and Paris. She admitted that Michael did not have sexual relations with her. So how would she know what sperm was being inseminated in her. And the only reason that Paris is reaching out to Debbie is because Debbie is willing to keep filling Paris Jackson’s head with a bunch of lies. She tells Paris what she wants to hear but that is not going to help Paris face reality, in her recovery. There is a reason that the judge, would not let Debbie Rowe take custody of Paris. They would rather send Paris away then have Debbie influence her in any way. And Prince wants nothing to do with Debbie. I wonder why?

  3. MakeHerUp says:

    Debbie Rowe just makes me sick, really…. I wish there was someone who could actually help Paris.

  4. SeptSpirit says:

    There’s a reason Jackson didn’t mention either of them in the Will or name them as guardians. That’s the way he wanted it and the way it should stay. These two carrying on as if Rowe is Paris’s legal guardian and the one who would give permission for Paris to see him. It’s almost laughable. I wouldn’t allow Paris to spend time with either of them until she was of age.

  5. Ali says:

    So this guy is supposedly a friend of MJ- yet he’s claiming to be the real father after years of his friend being dead? Get outta here!

  6. Lydia Alexander Moon says:

    My god. Biological or not, Michael Jackson IS Paris’s Dad. Someone else may be her biological father, but Michael was her Dad.
    If certain people really cared about MJ and his kids, they would just leave those children alone and cease writing or reporting stupid gossip that does no one any good at all.
    Sometimes people really bite.

  7. Peterpauly says:

    It was such a pleasure listening to Micheal Bush (Micheal Jackson’s fashion designer – the guy responsible for keeping MJ’s dancing shoes unpolished) speak to Elaine Charles (host of the weekly Book Report radio show: about his new book “The King of Style: Dressing Micheal Jackson”. For a change I think we all need to take some time to remember Micheal Jackson for the genius he was.

  8. TheCatFromMars says:

    This is ridiculous. Why create all this fuss? Just get a DNA test and be done with it. Either way, Michael is still the father of those kids. He raised them and he had custody. Those kids loved him like a father and he loved them like his kids. So either way, whatever DNA says, Michael IS their dad. However, I personally believe that Michael was the biological father of all three of his kids, but I could be wrong. This moron needs to either prove he is the father or STFU.

  9. imani1962 says:

    It isn’t that I think I know “everything.” Everything that I wrote has been in the tabloids since 2009. This is all public information. I am not some insider with knowledge that anyone else in the public does not already know. It is just not fair in my opinion that Debbie Rowe should have access to Paris, because she is the bio mom, but not Mark Lester. Yet Michael Jackson wanted to have nothing to do with her. Michael Jackson is the father of these children in every way except biologically. And that does not matter because all three are still entitled to all of his money. And he was a wonderful, loving and doting father, and nobody can take that away from these children. There are things that Michael Jackson did that are highly questionable. That said there are things that he must be given credit for. He was a musical genius, philanthropist, and one of the greatest fathers ever.

  10. thelma diggs says:

    MARK LESTER, where is your proof? Words are easy we DEMAND PROOF.

  11. gaynor says:

    I just think this girl should have some peace she has lost her real father doesn’t matter if micheal was or wasn’t the real father he was the one who brought her up cuddled her when she cried bought her clothes and all the important stuff she is obviously still grieving for the most important person in her life

  12. […] after Michael died, child star Mark Lester crawled out of the woodwork saying that he actually fathered Michael’s kids. The former Oliver! Actor insisted that he was the sperm donor, a nugget that even Lester’s […]

  13. Jo says:

    It really doesn’t matter whether he is or isn’t her father as all he’s doing is helping to screw the poor kid up even more. He should’ve just kept his mouth firmly shut.

  14. maznah mohd says:

    Michael Jackson was a smart guy. He secretly met Mark Lester and asked him to donate sperm. Then, he did the same with Arnold Klein, and later with ….etc. So All of those men believe they father MJ children. Since they think they are the real fathers then they really care and protect the children. That’s the reason why we had never seen the children faces until the death of MJ. In my opinion, none of them is the real biological father of MJ children. They were fooled by MJ.