Paris Jackson and Debbie Rowe Moving In Together – Katherine Jackson Freaks

Paris Jackson and Debbie Rowe Moving In Together – Jackson Family Freaks

When Debbie Rowe agreed to have Michael Jackson’s children it was always intended to be a business arrangement. They married for nearly three years and she produced two heirs to Michael’s fortune, Prince Michael and Paris. By 1999 Rowe was out of the mix except for one 8 hour visit with the kids every 45 days and by 2001 she terminated her rights completely. Debbie accepted an 8 million dollar payout and a mansion in Beverly Hills that she later sold in favor of a ranch in Palmdale.

Michael was adamant about Rowe not being a part of the kids’ lives but after his death three years ago, Paris especially has been left kind of floating. She is close to her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, who also has partial custody. But that’s not her mother – in fact Katherine is not even a blood relative – and right now this teenaged girl needs a mom and so she has been spending a lot of time with Rowe. So much that she is now insisting that she wants to live with Rowe because there she has a very normal life. She can really be a typical teen without all the bells and whistles of life in L.A. Katherine is said to be an absolute mess over all the drama.

According to the May 6th print edition of National Enquirer Katherine is trying to honor Michael’s wishes for his kids, but she also understands why Paris would feel compelled to need to know more about her only living parent. Frankly, Michael would flip about many things that his children are doing now that would have never happened on his watch, so what’s one more? Besides, in what universe can Michael Jackson’s wishes or upbringing for his children possibly have been best? Perhaps living in solitude with Rowe would be preferable to filming a movie at 15, as Paris has done!

Should she be allowed to live with Rowe if she really wants to? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Paris Jackson and Debbie Rowe Moving In Together – Jackson Family Freaks