Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Running Wild Without Michael Jackson’s Guidance

Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Running Wild Without Michael Jackson’s Guidance

When Michael Jackson was alive he kept his three kids under lock and key, perhaps literally. Even when he took them out in public they were disguised or their faces were covered. Supposedly Michael wanted to give them a chance at a normal childhood and so he concealed their identity so that they could go out with their nannies and never be bothered. When he died Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson all were sent to live with their grandmother and it seemed to be a good fit at least for a little while.

Now Prince and Paris are both teenagers with some pretty heady ideas of how their lives should be lived. According to the April 29th print edition of GLOBE they are both tired of being caught in the family power struggles and so they are both rebelling on a pretty grand scale. Prince at 16 is simply threatening to become an emancipated minor, meaning he would no longer need a legal guardian. Apparently he is rocking tons of confidence and after a stint on 90210 and a gig as a reporter for Entertainment Tonight, he is ready to launch a real career.

Meanwhile Paris landed a film role against the whole family’s better judgment With one little part under her belt sources say that Paris has quite an ego and thinks she’s a huge star. The Jackson clan also doesn’t approve of Paris’ new found relationship with her biological mother, Debbie Rowe. Paris is said to be enjoying spending time with her because it’s a place where she can just be a 15 year old girl rather than Michael’s daughter.

It’s not too surprising to hear that these kids are starting to buck the system that is trying to control them. What do you think Michael would say if he was alive to see all of this? Would they still be under control if he were alive? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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8 responses to “Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Running Wild Without Michael Jackson’s Guidance”

  1. Helen Bean says:

    Your article is totally slanted negative.

    Where you paid to slant it that way?

  2. twitney says:

    Maybe they’re tired of being part of a family they have no blood ties to. It’s pretty sick how the mother of these children sold them to a sicko freak who wanted white playmates and then he offs himself and she leaves the children with his trashy family.

    • They have blood ties. They are Michael’s biological children. Stop trying to spread tabloid lies as fact. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  3. This article is nothing but BS!

    MJs kids we not inder lock and key! Check the facts out by google!

    Like everything connected with MJ, most people are not able to distinguish reality and tabloid BS mostly because of articles like this one.
    Spreading BS stands till BS.
    And like everytime… only after a couple of years people can see that all tabloid articles they read are nothing but BS, unfortunately, after a few years….

  4. watk says:

    Garbage. The older child is an A student and would not likely leave his siblings to fend for themselves. He said on t.v. he plans to attend USC film school. He has been seen at charity events carrying on his dad’s work ( how many 14-16 year olds spend their down time doing that?).By all accounts he is a fine young man.
    The girl just gave an interview stating she intends to go to med school to help people and would like to restore Neverland to her dad’s original purpose for it- to serve needy kids. Both appear to be intelligent, well mannered, sweet, normal , active, highly creative kids involved in many positive activities. They appear to have friends and are dating and doing all the things normal kids do…including cutting their hair, letting it grow, dying it colors, getting acne, wearing teen clothing, and posting pics of themselves as all teens do. MJ would be proud that they are so strong and well adjusted. The world needs to give him credit for laying that foundation of love , self respect, and self confidence in them to be themselves in spite of who the world thinks they are ( or are not). Clearly, he did his job as a parent with these children. Which contradicts the image painted of him of being high 24/7 and out of it. One does not lend itself to the other.
    Any relationship they choose to have with their mother is their business. BTW: Prince looks a lot like his dad in MJ’s early adult years. There are tons of photos where MJ and this kid are almost identical except skin tone.

  5. Sam says:

    Michael would have never ever allowed things like that to happen. He raised his children with rules to follows and as well-mannered, educated children, never paraded them all over the media. And, Paris wouldn’t have all that ego. But now they have been dragged in all of their business to get more money using Michael Jackson and his children of course. And OMG I don’t see one reason for which she should feel the weight of being Michael Jackson’s daughter, especially since she loves to be in the spotlight. If she really wanted to be just a kid she would have followed her father’s way to raise her (and her brothers), but she didn’t and does not want to as loves too much being in the media attention. So the fact that she wants to be just a kid is simply fake, it seems instead that she just feels at ease with her mother, which she resembles so much unfortunately.

  6. Ridiculous article, yet again. Prince just got into the National Honor Society at his school, announced on Taj Jackson’s twitter. Paris is barely even on Twitter anymore, as she’s spending more time at her mother’s home. This article reeks of jealousy. Whoever is talking to the press clearly has the desire to paint these children in a bad light.

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