Debbie Rowe Protecting Paris Jackson From Sperm Donor Mark Lester – Do You Trust Either Of Them?

 Debbie Rowe Protecting Paris Jackson From Sperm Donor Mark Lester - Do You Trust Either Of Them?

I think Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt a few months ago clued everyone into the deep and dark times that have plagued Michael Jackson’s children. Aside from dealing with their father’s death they have also been crushed by the massive evidence of his being a serial pedophile and then let’s not forget the fact that their biological mom, Debbie Rowe was basically bought out of motherhood ten years ago. That’s tons of hurt that can easily be vented through dysfunctional behavior and I think we’ve only caught a glimpse of what really goes on.

Debbie Rowe has stepped back into the kids’ lives willingly this year. She and Paris were actually really close before her suicide attempt (which makes you wonder about how effective the mercenary is at mothering) and Debbie has been knee deep in helping with her daughters’ recovery. She is also a vicious defender of the kids and according to the Aug. 12th print edition of GLOBE it’s a good thing.

Shortly after Michael died, child star Mark Lester crawled out of the woodwork saying that he actually fathered Michael’s kids. The former Oliver! Actor insisted that he was the sperm donor, a nugget that even Lester’s ex-wife has denied. The time frame simply doesn’t work according to her but Lester still insisted that his claims were true. Apparently he was in need of attention recently and reached out to Debbie on an internet social site asking very publicly for the opportunity to talk about their kids!

Needless to say she freaked out on him in private because she felt the whole thing should have been private in the first place. Lester kept egging her on publicly until Debbie finally insisted that he leave her and her children alone and that he better not attempt to contact any of them.

I think everyone kind of figures that there was a sperm donor involved but when this guy’s own family insists that he didn’t even meet Michael until later, then it’s clearly not him! I’m glad to see Debbie stepping up after years of being pushed back by the Jackson family and acting protective of the kids, aren’t you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

 Debbie Rowe Protecting Paris Jackson From Sperm Donor Mark Lester - Do You Trust Either Of Them?

  • imani1962

    This would be a lot for any children to process. Debbie Rowe is in a tenuous position. Michael Jackson was not intimate with her by her own admission. She also said that she was artificially inseminated like her horses. She aligned herself to that of being a thoroughbred.

    All these rumors and innuendo’s could stop, with a simple blood test. These rumors have been circulating since 2009. And before Michael died people had serious doubts that he as a black man could make three fair skinned children. As long as their is a media outlet these rumors will not stop. The best thing is to give these children peace of mind, but allowing their blood to be tested against the Jackson’s. At this point no matter what the outcome these children can deal with it.

    If it turns out that Michael Jackson is not the biological father of any of the children certain things will not change. He was the center of their world and they were his. He loved all three unconditionally. He provided a loving, warm, secure and happy environment for them to grow in. He out did most biological fathers in his parenting skills of them. He provided for them in his will. And nobody biological or not can take his place.

  • imani1962

    I believe Mark Lester did a sperm donation at Michael’s request. He also requested sperm from other men. Whether he used that sperm could be easily proven with a simple test.

    Mark Lester and Paris Jackson share a strong resemblance, especially the nose and ears. Dr. Klein looks a lot like Prince. I don’t believe that Mark Lester is the bio father of both children though.

    Mark Lester is not coming to the forefront at this point because he cares about Paris Jackson. She is famous and the daughter of one of the most famous entertainers on this planet. He is like an obsessed fan. He knows that by spilling the beans he is really going to hurt her and her brothers. He was no friend of Michael. I agree with Debbie that Mark Lester should stay in England and take care of the four children he has. I guess they don’t matter because their last name is Lester not Jackson. I feel bad for Mark Lester’s daughters. How must they feel watching their father salivate over this one child, and not pay attention to them? That is pathetic.

    Unfortunately for Debbie though her power is limited. Michael Jackson saw to that for whatever reason.

    What baffles me is why isn’t Ms. Jackson objecting to these allegations made by Mark Lester? Why doesn’t Mark Lester tweet messages to Ms. Jackson? Debbie Rowe has no power over Paris. She is just there in a supportive role. I commend her for that.

    Mark Lester and Arnold Klein should both go away. If they did not make these allegations for the twelve years, that Prince was with Michael, and the eleven years that Paris lived with Michael, then they should not be doing that now.

    • thelma diggs

      Why didn’t he lay claim to these kids before Michael died. Were is his paper work that states if something happens to you MJ I will go to court to get my childrens. Michael’s kids should tell him to get LOST. such a looser. His so called kids he got at home should be a shame of him.

  • thelma diggs

    mark lester, were is your paper work? that you donated sperm for Michael Jackson. mark lester you are a sick poor a** excuse for a human being. you are the FOURTH BASTARD that has come forward to claim Michael Jackson kids. MJ had sperm of his own, remember the corner said MJ was making sperm when he died. Michael JACKSON WAS MORE MAN THAN YOU WILL EVER BE, DEAD OR ALIVE. Why did you wait until MJ died to claim HIS CHILDRENS? Sick.

  • AlwaysBlossom


  • CherryPie

    AEG have a lot to answer for. AEG are untrustworthy. The Media tell lies to sell their papers and magazines. They were out to destroy him and being fed false information. Brilliant article by the way. They keep milking MJ for money. MJ was nobody’s fool. I think he had enough of being used and abused by the industry. He knew who the evil ones were.

  • Apple P’napple

    Wow “massive evidence of him being a serial pedophile” Whilst citing an article on their own dirty tabloid website, an article that has already been debunked by CNN and numerous other more reputable sources, not to mention that the FBI files have been released online and show there was no evidence to support any of the claims. poor Michael. Even in death they print false stories about him. And his innocent grieving children suffer because of it.