Pippa Middleton Punches her way into The Telegraph with New Sport & Social Column


Pippa Middleton is really burning through those writing jobs, isn’t she? I suppose she’s doing her best to capitalize on her fame before she becomes irrelevant. You can’t really blame her. Her latest attempt at a job has been writing a Pippa MiddletonTelegraph column titled ‘Sport and Social’, and her first column focuses on boxing. And how did she do? Meh.

The entire column is entirely too long and boring, but I do have to give her props for at least learning about the sport and all the different aspects of it. You can tell she put her research in, especially when explains the training, writing, “We swap in and out continually for two-minute sessions, and I swear I’m seeing stars and hanging back against the ropes as the rounds progress, praying for the bell to ring. But then there’s the gruelling warm-down; 20 squat-thrusts, 20 press-ups, 20 squat-thrust-jumps and 20 star jumps, repeated again and again.”

Of course, she can’t help deviate from the topic at hand and talk herself up when she says, “I’ve also been working with The Sported Foundation, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people through sport. It provides funding and business support to community and grassroots projects across the country, including Fitzroy Lodge.” We get it, Pippa. You do a lot of charity.

Overall, she’s definitely improving as a writer – but the whole thing’s still way too choppy and disorganized. The fact that she ended up getting this column over another, more qualified writer, is grating. Obviously, it’s because people will read the column because she’s Pippa Middleton and it’s a smart business decision, but it’s a case of quantity over quality.

It’ll be interesting to see how long this gig will last, and what Pippa will move to next? Cooking is done, sports done – maybe acting? Or dancing? That should be interesting. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

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