Pippa Middleton Distances Herself From Prince Harry In New Book

Pippa Middleton Distances Herself From Prince Harry In New Book 0829

Pippa Middleton continues to clean up her image and play it cool in the wake of Prince Harry’s nude photos/sex tape/cocaine? scandal and today she’s exemplifying her revamped good girl, domestic side by showcasing the cover of her first party planning book, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister looks ever bit the perfect party hostess as she posed for a number of photos on the book jacket. How sweet! Pippa’s helping a young girl bake! Oh wow! Pippa plays frisbee on the beach like a Giada De Laurentiis clone! She does crafty stuff with buttons and stamps! Who knew Kate Middleton’s attention-seeking little sister had so many talents?

Because that’s what this is, right? Pippa Middleton’s book is her big coming out party to the world. This is the first big reveal for the marketing of her brand, and if it goes well, she could have a long and fruitful career ahead of her. The gun scandals will have to be left behind. Forget Paris! But a little scandal never hurt anyone. Ask Martha Stewart!

Still I have to wonder about the timing. According to People magazine, the book goes on sale next month so it makes sense for the cover to drop around now… but it’s so close to Prince Harry’s f-ck up. Is Pippa trying to tell us something? We barely see her all summer and suddenly she’s out with a mystery man biking in Paris and releases these pics just days after Harry got caught without his pants? I don’t know…. Princess Pippa has been working with Kate’s peeps at the palace to get her ready for her publicity tour in America. Could Pippa be capitalizing on Harry’s problems? Is Pippa using the glare of Harry’s mistakes to shine light on her 180? I wouldn’t put it past her. It’s good business. Or this could all be just good timing. But the royals don’t leave anything up to chance. Harry’s partying pics notwithstanding, the royals plan EVERYTHING. And Kate’s a royal now despite her coal mining background. Maybe she’s picked up on a few tricks and is helping her sister along? Or is Kate too busy making a baby in Wales? 

All we know is Pippa’s stepping out and she’s using Prince Harry’s back to help her climb. What do you expect from a social climber?

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