Prince George New Christening Picture With Kate Middleton and Prince William (PHOTOS)

Prince George New Christening Picture With Kate Middleton and Prince William (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton looked really good at her son Prince George’s christening. She was bright eyed and smiling at everyone and to be fair  that may have come as a surprise to some. After all the rumor mill were stating Kate could be suffering from postpartum depression. And why should they not. The new mother didn’t want to come outside. She basically went into hiding the moment she had the baby and refuse to go back to work. However as I said Kate Middleton appeared just fine at the christening so why can’t she do more than one engagement per month? Has she been using a natural imbalance to excuse her laziness?

The reason why everyone suspected postpartum to begin with was because Kate disappeared. It was like magic. She could only reappear in front of a store or out shopping. It’s not as if she was with the baby during these form of exercise. The baby was back home with his nanny. The very same nanny both Kate and Prince William swore they weren’t going to hire. In the end you have to add it up. Refuse to be around friends and family, went and hired a nanny in addition to the do everything housekeeper, and is constantly seen out shopping… by herself ( bodyguards don’t count). It was odd.

Then we saw her do what she normally does. Squeeze in engagements around the same time so that it looks like she’s busy. She had two solo and third was the family event. All this serve to do was make her sympathizers realize the ploy. She’s not sick despite what we all feared. She’s simply is too selfish and lazy to work for the taxpayer-funded lifestyle. Never mind she’s out wearing designer clothes that cost somewhere in the thousands. This once middle class girl isn’t humble anymore. Now she feels entitled.

How long does she think people will put up with that? Where she fails, we can always look forward to what Prince Harry’s future spouse will do. Team Cressida is growing by the minute! Remember that!

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