Robert Pattinson Arrested In Australia? – Was He Missing Kristen Stewart!

Robert Pattinson Arrested In Australia? – Was He Missing Kristen Stewart!

It looks like only Kristen Stewart is struggling with the mandatory distance between her and Robert Pattinson.  The Trampire is reportedly going crazy missing her former man who is filming The Rover in Australia, making many unanswered calls and hoping to sneak a trip to the location sooner rather than later.  Rob on the other hand is simply living his life abroad. He is rumored to have split with Kristen before leaving the states and decided that no relationship was better than one where he laid in bed alone at night wondering what Kristen was up too.

Rob hasn’t exactly been below the radar since arriving and according to SA Police. The actor was busted for bicycling without a helmet of all things!  A rep for the police confirmed that the story about Rob was true but they reassured his over zealous fans that the punishment is nonexistent.

“He will not be fined; it is just a simple caution. We had a chat with him and told him that it is a requirement to wear a helmet while cycling a pushbike. It’s no biggie.”

Do you think Rob had any idea of the cycling laws in Australia? Maybe he sped off after yet another annoying call from Kristen rolled in and he had to blow off steam. Supposedly her increasing clinginess was leaving him cold these past few months. Maybe Kristen prompted this traffic stop of sorts!

All that aside, do you think that the couple will eventually reunite down under?  Should Rob give it another whirl or leave well enough alone. I mean he started off as a side dish and has now been with her while she chose another side dish. Clearly fidelity isn’t her strong suit and cheating is a pattern, don’t you think? Let’s just face the facts – Kristen Stewart is a disgusting home-wrecking trampire. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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One response to “Robert Pattinson Arrested In Australia? – Was He Missing Kristen Stewart!”

  1. ellenj49 says:

    You’re lying about the helmet story. They contacted his mgmt team to let him know the rules. Nothing more. This is such a hack site. You lie about everything. BORING, BORING! MOVE ON.