Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Cuddle At Coachella – And Avoid Liberty Ross (Photos)

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Cuddle At Coachella - And Avoid Liberty Ross (Photos) 0414

Well look at these new Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pics. They look like a legit, adorable couple, right? Kinda cute actually like any other twenty-something pair enjoying themselves at a music festival. Well, not quite enjoying themselves exactly. Kristen has her usual sourpuss expression on but that’s probably because she can see the camera man making plenty of money off of her. But look at that body language. Kristen and Rob are so close together they could practically be cuddling! And what’s that? Are they quasi-holding hands again? It’s pretty close. Who knew Coachella was so romantic?

Rob and Kristen hung out with bestie Katy Perry and other friends yesterday at the second day of the music festival. According to reports they watched Jurassic 5 from the side of the stage and shared drinks from a Gatorade bottle. Yes, during concerts I love to drink Gatorade as well….

As you know anybody who’s anybody is at Coachella so it was no surprise the couple made another appearance. But you know what was a little surprising, probably even to them, Liberty Ross?! She’s totally L.A. now and rubbed elbows with Bono and new boyfriend Jimmy Iovine at the Diesel + Edun Studio Africa Event at Tally Horse Ranch. That would have been an awkward run-in. How do you handle that? I’m sure they weren’t hanging at the same shows during the day but damn that would have SUCKED. Points for Liberty on this one though. While Rob and Kristen shared backwash jungle juice with Perry and, most likely, others, Liberty was discussing saving the world with one of the most famous musicians in the world. Liberty really should shake Kristen’s hand. A post-Rupert Sanders life seems like a happy life indeed.

What do you think of the Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart Coachella pics? Adorable? What’s up with Kristen? Ever since Rob got back from Australia she’s been more willing to gift the world some PDAs. That’s a different tune for sure. She couldn’t possibly be trying give all of those who thought Rob ditched her a message, would she?

Photo Credit: Premiere/Rocstar/CPR/FAMEFLYNET

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