Robert Pattinson’s Co-Star Sarah Gordon Terrified Of Kristen Stewart?

Robert Pattinson's Co-Star Sarah Gordon Terrified Of Kristen Stewart?

While Robert Pattinson fans would sacrifice body parts just for a chance to stand next to him, at least one of the actor’s co-stars admits to keeping her distance!  Sarah Gadon admits that she did her best to steer clear of Rob while the two were working together on the set of Cosmopolis and it wasn’t because of his sourpuss girlfriend, Kristen Stewart either.

According to Hope Carson, the hot actress used discretion because of Rob’s over zealous fans!

I kept my distance, knowing that there might be a backlash.  It’s terrible that that happens too. It’s terrible for him because I take my work so seriously, obviously, and so does he. It’s not like you would ever compromise the integrity of your work by doing something…at least I never would. I’m boring that way.”

Robert Pattinson's Co-Star Sarah Gordon Terrified Of Kristen Stewart?

I guess Sarah is pretty smart, as she watched others on set tweet stuff about the actor and get positively slammed, she kept quiet about the working experience and laid low. Doing that allowed her to escape the wrath of the Twihards that believe no one should lay a pinky finger on Rob besides Kristen of course. It is a shame that Sarah felt she had to almost censor herself and a piece of her life in order not to be victimized by the crazies.

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It makes me wonder how bad the back lash will be when Rob finally goes public with a new woman. Forget the dinners three countries away or rumored meet-ups. What will the Twihards do when the Trampire is left out of the loop when Rob walks a red carpet with a woman that will inevitably be an upgrade?  There will be a bunch of fans that will make life more than a little tricky for that woman, whomever she may be! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Robert Pattinson's Co-Star Sarah Gordon Terrified Of Kristen Stewart?


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  • I think Rob has the same rights as any other man to pick and choose who he goes out with. It is not anyone elses business. It is funny really that so many of the Twihards think they have a right to tell Rob who to see. If he decides he has had enough of Kristen’s ways and moves on to someone new I say more power to him. If he stays with Kristen that is his choice as well even if I think he would be wrong in doing so. So I say let the man make up his own mind.

    • disqus_CNzHkcRouy

      Pretty much agree. Don’t even know if they were ever really a couple, but he’s a grown adult and can certainly decide who to date or to be friends with. After all, he knows her personally; we just know the tabloids, the occasional interview, and the photos. I’m a fan of his, but I get annoyed with some of the other fans who act like they have the right to tell him who to hang out with or to date. Just annoyed, because I follow Marcus Foster on twitter and there were several people harassing him because he’s friends with her also.

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  • Trampire is my favorite word of 2012, at least Kristen Stewart gave us that much.

  • disqus_CNzHkcRouy

    I do feel bad for Rob. On one hand, he has the twi-hards who are adamant that he stay with Kristen. On the other hand, he has another section of die-hard fans that hate Kristen so much that they’ve taken to harassing Marcus Foster (Rob’s friend) on twitter and instagram for being her friend. I’m not sure I even really believe they were ever a monogamous couple, but this whole tabloid/fan thing has gotten way out of hand. Anyway, whether or not they ever even dated or had a relationship of some sort, I do think they will remain friends based on the fact that they have mutual friends in common & therefore there will always be speculation as long as they are famous.