Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Dating Again: Spend Dia de los Muertos Together – Report

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Dating Again: Spend Dia de los Muertos Together - Report

Number one mistake for all celebrity couples is going as far to break up just to turn around and get back together. These things are never mutual. Someone’s got hurt when they got dumped. And lastly, the very same things that went into destroying the relationship are still there. In other words “DON’T YOU DO IT ROBERT PATTINSON!!!” For all that is holy don’t take Kristen Stewart back.

No one is trying to be mean or bully but that is the truth. When the supposed love of your life cheated on you once then OK maybe everyone could work through it. They did this and you all know what he got in return. Kristen was reportedly seen again with Rupert Sanders after she and Rob had made up. With that in mind how could honestly go back to a girl that has been proven unable to keep her hands to herself? Is he a masochist or has been re-watching the Twilight films.

The reunion started out when Kristen came over to visit the dogs. As many remember the dogs are their joint property so she had a valid reason to wanting to see them. But here’s where it get tricky. She came for the dogs and didn’t immediately take them out for a walk or go for a drive with them. No, she stayed where she was instead for hours. Why is that? I’m pretty sure Rob wouldn’t have insisted on supervised visitations. No you see it seems like Kristen only wanted to visit her beloved pets in order to spend time with Rob and she did. Then three days later the two are said (HollywoodLife) to have enjoyed Dia de los Muertos together.

Although we may not know what occurred during her “visit”, it’s safe to say that  two are on again. This is good in terms of Kristen’s career – that’s why we suspect she called the paps to catch that first date. (Ever since the whole Rupert thing there hasn’t been a lot of directors going out of there way to sign her on). But for Rob not so much. He’ll be that chump that will most likely marry the girl sleeping with all of his friends. Come on, let her go and leave the Maury drama to someone else.

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  • alice

    wtf? are you serious? just mind your own god damn business and let them get back together when they want! full of crap!

  • TiredMom321

    So Kristen KISSED a married man over a year ago – a single episode (and there is NO evidence that it was any more than one episode, or anything more than the kisses and hugs that were pictured – no way the paps held back on the ‘juiciest’ pics they had), apologized profusely, and has not stepped out of line, not before or since, and you STILL demonize her. Yet Simon Cowell and Owen Wilson get free passes, despite impregnating women who were married to, and had families with, other men.

    The ones who demonize Kristen for being unfaithful are the ones who, if THEY ever had a chance with Robert Pattinson, would be unfaithful to their husbands/ boyfriends/ significant others in a second to be with him (and do exactly what they accuse Kristen of doing).