Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Hook Up – To Walk Their Dogs!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Hook Up - To Walk Their Dogs!

Guess what – all of those rumors about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reconnecting romantically seem to amount to absolutely nothing more than two exes trying to establish a friendship of sorts. Rob has been dating Dylan Penn for the last few months and the actor is said to love the fact that there is no drama and baggage between them. He is having fun with her while Kristen has actually been spotted crawling gay clubs while working in NYC.

According to the Dec. 2nd print edition of OK Magazine Rob and Kristen did recently get together at Rob’s house, but it wasn’t for a hot and heavy hook up as other outlets have reported. Instead it was their dogs that brought them together. When the former couple split both Rob and Kristen took a pooch and they decided to reunite the dogs for a playdate. Kristen spent a few hours and the visit was completely platonic.

Sources close to Rob say it’s just short of a miracle that he is even entertaining the idea of being friends with Kristen after everything that they went through. He is so happy to be baggage free at this point and he knows that even dipping his toe into the friendship waters leaves him open for Kristen to stir up the same old issues. At least for now Rob is pretty determined to be friends and nothing more. Do you think that Kristen will find his weak spot and manage to really worm her way back into Rob’s life for real or is their love affair as completely over as the Twilight series? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Kelly

    I think he was done a year ago and tried to give it another shot. Glad he ended it. She is repulsive!

  • Rita Steele

    this sounds like the truth for once

    • by all means….

      they met up for the dogs sounds like the truth? this story is fake and it only sounds like the truth because most of you don’t want to believe Rob like Kristen. No body with good sense would meet up for the dogs and they allegedly hated each other?
      PA lease!!

  • ellenj49

    This is a new low! This site is full of BS.

    • by all means….

      they only like the kristen hate comments.

  • by all means….

    I agree that this site must want Rob for themselves. Why on earth did he take Kristen back when the shit hit the fan last year if he was so pissed and hurt about what she did? You people make no sense. They met up for the dogs now? So they could not have had the assistants do that? they did last year when they broke up jeff and Kristen brother were caring for the pets. Kristen apologized and has not said a damn thing since even with nasty sites such as this that keep bringing it up. I think no body knows anything about these two especially OK magazine??
    They have been through a lot together and only R/K know what they want and plan to do. Stop making Kristen out ot be this desperate chick who can’;t do any better and whoever wrote this article obviously has issues with gay and lesbians “crawling out of gay clubs” funny she fooled around with a man last year, not a woman.

    What has the world turned to when a man cheats, it’s all good. Catherine Mcfee was caught cheating and no one has been calling her out like this. Had this been Rob everyone would be screaming she should forgive him, it was just a kiss. But because a woman did to a man most woman want Kristen is being crucified. Funny no one felt this way when Rob was clearly breaking things up when Kristen was with Michael A. Everyone thought she was a fool for not leaving her man for Rob. Sad world we live in. And I like Rob I just don;t see how he was any better with kissing on Kristen and hanging with her when she had a man. Double standards…

  • Me

    I just found out that Celeb Dirty Laundry doesn’t like Kristen AT ALL. People make mistakes, you who are reading this make mistakes too. If you said that you don’t make mistakes, you are Bullshitting.