Robert Pattinson Meets Liberty Ross – Find Out What Happens!

Robert Pattinson Meets Liberty Ross – Find Out What Happens!

You’d think that, after an affair, the most awkward situation possible would be the cheater running into the betrayed spouse. You’d be wrong! Robert Pattinson has confirmed that the worst possible scenario is to be the guy who forgave the cheater and then runs into the betrayed spouse! After reuniting with Kristen Stewart last fall, Rob has been under the microscope, and fans are wondering: how long can it last? Kristen has publicly admitted that she isn’t at all sorry about the scandal, which scarred Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross’s marriage, and will forever hurt their kids! So it’s pretty disgusting that Rob would forgive Kristen so easily!

Rob and Liberty bumped into each other at HBO’s post-Golden Globes party in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, a guest reported to Life & Style, print edition February 4, 2013. “It must’ve been really uncomfortable for Rob to be so close to Liberty,” the party attendee mused. Guests noticed Rob “having a drink about 10 feet away from a table where Liberty Ross . . . was sitting with friends.” The two recognized each other, and “Rob didn’t stay long after that.”

Now, Rob is in Australia for at least 3 months, filming a movie. Kristen is reportedly “upset . . . worried they won’t be able to make their relationship work with the distance.” In a bizarre twist of fate, Kristen is terrified Rob will cheat if she isn’t around to keep an eye on him!  But rob is sick of her “being so needy and jealous,” and a friend says it’s a huge wedge between them. Considering all the drama Kristen brings, it doesn’t make sense for Rob to stay with her. Either he’s a fool in love, or really is using her to boost his own film career. But which is it? Rob seems so laid back, and dreams of going off the radar and opening a pub. Is he selling out his love life for acting?

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