Robert Pattinson’s Next Girlfriend Revealed: Amelia Lily

Robert Pattinson's Next Girlfriend Revealed: Amelia Lily

We predicted it was going to happen and by “it” I mean the permanent split of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. He may have thought that he could trust her again when she was under his nose but once the couple was no longer connected at the head, Rob got smart and fast!  There was no way that he was going to spend a few months filming down under and even try to imagine Kristen behaving herself back in LA. Plus spending the holidays in London with Rob’s family may have helped to propel things, as we all have already heard how much the Pattinson clan dislikes Kristen.

The best way to get over a broken heart when your young is to find someone else to share your company and when it comes to that Rob has the pick of the pack. One woman hoping for an opportunity to spend some quality time with the heart throb is Amelia Lily. The 18-year old finished in third place on the UK edition of The X-Factor last year and since then she has found pretty decent success across the pond. She was recently asked about her dream guy and she was quick to mention sharing the same air space with Rob, according to Gather.

“At the ‘Twilight’ premiere he was inches away from me. I was getting interviewed, and all these journalists were laughing at me because I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was getting interviewed and I didn’t want to distract him, but he was beautiful.”

Rob is said to want to spend a lot more time at home back in London so maybe something could work out for these two. I’m still leaning in the direction of a steamy romance between Rob and Selena Gomez. Seriously, they have tons in common, she needs an older guy and they both know what it’s like to be publicly embarrassed by a cheating douche bag!

Who do you think Rob should have on his arm next? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • your fool of bs, for one thing, Rob, wood never date anyone younger then Kristen? Plus they never brock up! Rob and Kristen have been together for 4 yrs. and Rob has said” Kristen is his true Love, that dosen,t stop overnight. He is away filming a movie, Kristen will be joining Rob in a few weeks for a visit, like they always do, when one of them is making a movie. Where tierd of all the bs from all you reporters. Enews knows the truth and that is Rob and Kristen are very much still together as a couple and they live together, with thier dogs!!

  • justafan

    I think Amelia Lily would be a perfect date for Rob… Fan’s of Rob will be able to tell how much he likes her by the way he looks at her! The way he use to look at Kristen, but not any more.

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  • saraemna3

    Rob has tons of little fan girls after him but I believe his heart still belongs to Kristen or he would never have taken her back. Some say is was for their movie but that has come and gone and they still live together. Yes, she killed some of the love he had for her but undoubtedly his love for her was strong enough to want to stay with her. W ish I had a man like that.

  • I don’t think Rob should get involved with any celebity
    Most of them are self absorbe . He needs
    to find someone who will love him , not love that he is

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  • Why do these so call tabloits and mags, the media so on.
    Quit spending false story and telling lies so quit I say stop the lies Robert and Kristen are still together as a couple.
    Like Robert has said before Kristen is his true love these two still love each other so please stop it. I’m a true fan and love these two very much and will always be their fan and their supported so back off please leave them alone.
    Wishes Robert and Kristen the best peace be with them both.

  • Bianca

    iloveeeee Kristen & Robert soooo much they are so cute together, ?? They are Still together people need to mind their own business