Sean Lowe’s Sex With Catherine Giudici Tells Her He’s Doing Peta Murgatroyd Too

Sean Lowe Slept With Catherine Giudici - Prayer Warrior Turns Sex God

Remember prayer warrior Sean Lowe that was cast as the most recent Bachelor? The family man that couldn’t wait to choose a wife and head back to Texas to build a life with her? The man who vowed he’d be celibate until he got married? Well, that guy is long gone and has instead been replaced with a head spinning diva that is obsessed with fame, money and all of the trappings that go with both.

While publicly Sean has babbled on and on about not having sex he is a total hypocrite according to the May 6th print edition of Life & Style. A well-placed source tells the magazine that Sean slept with Catherine Giudici the night that he proposed to her in Thailand. The couple has not lived together since relocating to L.A., but they are having sex which originally made Catherine very happy but as she has watched her man gravitate towards his DWTS partner, she’s not trusting him at all.

Catherine knows that Sean lies to everyone about them having sex so she figures he’s not going to have a problem lying about banging Peta Murgatroyd. Catherine knows Sean well enough to know that there’s no way he and Peta are spending 8 hours a day wrapped around each other and then not burning off steam later. She originally wasn’t a fan of his proposed celibate relationship, but now Catherine wishes he was still that guy because she knew he wouldn’t cheat on her.

Supposedly Catherine has agreed to suck it up and stay in L.A. At least until DWTS bounces Sean, but those close to her say she has been truly upset by the changes in Sean. She really believed that the move was going to help solidify her engagement and instead it has ruined her life. Will Sean and Catherine ever tie the knot? Do you think he’s cheating with Peta? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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