Sean Lowe Admits He Wants Sex With Peta Murgatroyd – Catherine Giudici Says “Why Not Me?”

Sean Lowe Admits He Wants Sex With Peta Murgatroyd – Catherine Giudici Says “Why Not Me?”

If Catherine Giudici had a brain she would already be on a flight home to Seattle and her number one goal would be to forget the last six months of her life. A month after she and The Bachelor Sean Lowe told the world they are engaged the couple is showing the world that they are most definitely not crazy in love. Instead of deciding to spend time focusing on each other and adjusting to a normal life together Sean opted to appear on Dancing with the Stars.  That means he is spending up to 9 hours a day wrapped around the very single, Peta Murgatroyd while Catherine sits in her bought and paid for LA digs alone. She is jobless, friendless and insecure in her surroundings.

As Catherine grows more miserable by the week and the public arguments seem to escalate in frequency, Sean can’t say enough good things about Peta.  He thinks that she is the hottest girl ever and according to the April 15th print edition of Life & Style the lovefest is mutual. These two are packing major heat and chemistry, then he goes home to Catherine and has absolutely no problem remaining celibate.

If that doesn’t tell everyone that Sean is in the wrong place relationship-wise I’m not sure what else will. Catherine actually wants to go home to visit her family and friends but she’s afraid to leave Sean and Peta alone in LA together.  Obviously there is neither sex nor trust between Sean and Catherine!

How much longer do you think Catherine will hang in there before deciding that it’s really time to pull the plug? If they couldn’t make it a month without having public fights this relationship is clearly doomed, don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts on Sean, Peta and Catherine in the comments below!

  • Totally agree with this article! He for sure thinks the world of Peta, and he isnt giving Cat any sex. I also am sure him and Peta are having sexual relations. Like I said Cat is getting money in all this to act like she is his GF, so Sean can get bachelor fans to call in and vote for his less then to be desired dancing. At the end of DWTS will be the official breakup. Also notice all photos Sean-Cat on his instagram they are like brother and sister pics, but all pics him and Peta have sexual written all over them..Matter of time before all this really comes to light.

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  • I dont like peta i like catherine tres belle manifique