Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd Sexy New Couple – Catherine Giudici Forgotten and Broken-Hearted


I’m starting to think right about now is a good time for Sean Lowe’s fiance of fifteen minutes, Catherine Giudici to buy a one-way plane ticket home. They were truly a mismatch from the start and this season’s The Bachelor viewers watched in confusion as Sean chose Catherine, a woman who isn’t celibate and doesn’t want kids anytime soon, to be his wife. She was the antithesis of what Prayer Warrior Sean originally claimed to be looking for.

Ten days after announcing their engagement on National television they were already spotted fighting in public. While Sean was insisting on separate apartments and G-rated couch cuddles with Catherine, he had his hands all over new dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd. Rather than spend some time adjusting to real life with his fiance chose to strike while the iron is hot and do this season of Dancing With the Stars. Catherine has spent weeks jobless in L.A., bored to tears sitting at home alone while Sean and Peta have gotten closer. There have been blowouts over his 8 hours a day spent with the hot and very single blonde and now we know why.

It looks like Peta likes Sean quite a bit and the two of them are sharing a real chemistry that isn’t just reserved for the ballroom. Peta tells the latest issue of Life & Style Magazine,

“We’ve got great chemistry. I couldn’t think of a better person to be stuck in a room with, sweating. I think we have the most fun out of any couple.  I think he’s very sexy. We have the perfect relationship. We look like a great couple together — Ken and Barbie!”

Sean gushed just as much about Peta and never once references the woman that he is supposed to be madly in love with, Catherine. How long before Catherine is spotted in another city halfway across the country without this idiot that she completely uprooted her life for? I say it’s imminent. Are Sean and Peta going to amount to anything more than an eventual hook up? Will he throw his born-again virginity aside for Peta after refusing to do so with Catherine? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • These two will call it over after the business deal between them end when DWTS is completed…No way they wil way..can tell all by Seans twitter pics..he seldom post a pic with Cat, and when he does its some goofy retarded picture where they look like goofs in HS, not like grown adults madly in love with each other.

  • You & Calvin O Neal are UNstoppable..BUT .your LIES about this couple ain’t gonna break them up nor get the intelligent educated readers to buy your trashy stories. You only post comments that agree w/ you,so am absolutely sure mine won’t be posted…it’s happened before.