Photo Of Selena Gomez Back With Justin Bieber! – Girl Has No Pride On July 4th

Photo Of Selena Gomez Back With Justin Bieber! - Girl Has No Pride On July 4th

As Selena Gomez gears up to release another crappy album, she finds herself back in the arms of Justin Bieber. According to reports, the 20-year old spent the fourth of July with her on-again, off-again lover who just so happened to be in Los Angeles at the time. Mind you, Justin was in Las Vegas last week where he was seen making his way to his hotel room with another chick.

Selena clearly doesn’t respect herself in any way, because if she did, she wouldn’t keep running back to someone who couldn’t give a damn about her. But the girl decides to head on over to Bieber’s Calabasas mansion where she supposedly partied until the early hours with JB and a close pal named Alfredo Flores.

Flores and Selena also uploaded an Instagram video of each other playing with fireworks — but in the background, there’s hardly any noise being made, so we’re assuming it was just the three of them at Justin’s house. The 19-year old, however, doesn’t make an appearance in the short video, he prefers not to be seen with Selena in public, which is puzzling to us because she’s the one that the Beliebers really hope can get JB back on track.

Let’s face it – Justin’s reputation is already damaged but if he continues his wild behavior and have his friends cause all kinds of trouble in the Calabasas neighborhood, he’ll eventually face some serious consequences and possibly get locked up. Okay… maybe we’re overreacting with the whole “locked up” thing, but punishments will eventually be served, right?

Selena would be making a mistake to go through with the relationship thing with Justin again, because Justin doesn’t know how to settle down with the new bunch of friends he has around him. But Selena probably knows this, and we get the feeling that she’s only with Bieber because she needs her new album, Stars Dance, to sell. Isn’t it funny that whenever this girl has a new project that’s coming out, she’s dating Justin but when she’s on a break from her career, she’s also on a break from Justin.

She may be over Justin but is just using him to market her music career, because let’s be honest, her music is total trash and the only reason it’s selling is because of her boyfriend’s fan base. Remember that feud Selena is reportedly having with Miley Cyrus over Justin? Well, we shouldn’t forget the fact that both ladies are releasing an album this year, and while Cyrus is using her twerking skills to cause controversy and sell records, Gomez is using Bieber’s fans to hype them up on whatever project she has coming out.

Do you REALLY think that if Selena had never dated Justin, she’d be where she is today? NO! She’s probably moved on from him seeing that he doesn’t know how to be faithful, but he’s still the best thing that every happened to her, career-wise. Sounds sad, but it’s actually a great marketing move. You go, guurrrrl.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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