Selena Gomez Searching For Hot Hookup To Make Justin Bieber Jealous

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After the first news of Justin Bieber’s affair with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin hit, Selena Gomez was all spitfire and girl power and confidence. It seems like her self-assuredness has waivered since then. Despite her public dumping of Justin on New Year’s, Selena is not doing so hot. The young singer/actress is still crushing on her weed-smoking loser ex boyfriend, and a new source promises she’s on the lookout for a hot, envy-inducing guy to hook up with.

The source reported, “Selena said she wants to hookup with another guy to make him jealous, and she should.” We agree and disagree! On the one hand, Selena needs to move on, rebound or otherwise. She can’t stay stuck in this post-breakup haze for the rest of her life! But honestly, she shouldn’t be caring about Justin at all! He’s on a path to destruction and will soon only be remembered by his Wikipedia page and those obnoxious chorus lines of “baby, baby, baby.” Other than that, he’ll be an obsolete playboy who surrounds himself with druggies and rapper wannabes! We have no patience for him, and she shouldn’t either!

All this makes me wonder if Selena isn’t getting enough support from her girlfriends. Considering Justin’s long list of indiscretions, she shouldn’t have any doubt about her decision to end the relationship. So what gives? Is Taylor Swift too busy with Harry Styles to be a good friend and plan a fun girl’s night to get Selena’s mind off Justin? We think Selena needs to look outside of the Hollywood dating pool and find a perfect combination of activist/humanitarian/hunk. Any relationship she peruses should be for her own sake—not Justin’s! Or would a hookup be the perfect way to twist the knife, then throw salt on Justin’s wound of a broken heart? Assuming Justin is wounded by this at all! Should Selena hook up with someone soon?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet