Taylor Swift Lusting After Bradley Cooper – Does He Want To Date Her?

Taylor Swift Lusting After Bradley Cooper But She Belongs With Leonardo DiCaprio

No one puts Taylor Swift in a time out corner! Tina Fey gave the country turned pop star some slut-shaming advice at the Golden Globes when she told Taylor to cease switfting out boyfriends and have some me time. Alas, self reflection is just a waste of album material. For one, it doesn’t make for a good song set to banjos or an electric guitar. Two, self love just may be an aspect of Taylor’s life that she chooses to keep to herself.  As Jay Z would say, it’s on to the next one and if the gossips of Hollywood are to be believed, Bradley Cooper has caught Squinty’s eyes.

RadarOnline reports that Taylor has left her cougar ways behind and wants an older man in 38 year old Brad. She even asked her pal Jennifer Lawrence for help in hooking them up, but he’s not interested in being her next muse.

“Bradley has absolutely no intention of getting together with Taylor,” said a source.

 “First of all, her reputation precedes her. Bradley is very wary of dating someone who is a bit of a serial dater like Taylor.”

The source continued that Brad made the argument he wants to get serious with someone and the chances of that were slim with Taylor. Not only is she 16 years younger than him, but he’s just not that into her. Despite her good looks, universal praise when she’s not being a sore loser because Adele wins, and tens of millions of dollars, these are not the keys to happily ever after. Or even a first date.

All isn’t lost for Taylor. Leonardo DiCaprio is still President of his fabled “Pussy Posse” and Taylor would fit right in given the requirements he has to make that special lady du jour the one to parade on his arm. She’s blonde, thin and under 25. Player meets player. Game on!

Taylor Swift Lusting After Bradley Cooper But She Belongs With Leonardo DiCaprio

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  • Kaiio

    Does anybody actually believe this bull? Everyone just loves making Taylor Swift out to be some kind of a slut to get views.

    • kalo

      i believe it because she is a serial dater and I don’t respect people who publicly shame their exes to gain money.

      • Kaiio

        The majority of the people she’s supposedly dated, she hasn’t. She’s dated 6 guys in as many years, which isn’t bad at all. The songs she makes money off of (the singles) are either not about romantic love, blaming herself for a breakup, or about a successful love. Examples from Speak Now (last album) : Mine, Mean, Back to December, Story of Us, Sparks Fly. She doesn’t publicly shame her exes, it’s just another one of those rumours.

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