Harry Styles Says He Never Loved Taylor Swift – Expects Breakup Song Coming Soon

Harry Styles Says He Never Loved Taylor Swift - Expects Breakup Song Coming Soon

The rest of America may dote on blond country crooner, Taylor Swift, but lipstick wearing Harry Styles, is basically saying fork her. Swift is popular for slamming her heart shattering ex-boyfriends in her lyrics. Hollywood bachelors have boycotted dating the statuesque snitch. Taylor Swift was so cuckoo in the wake of the epic split, she sneak dissed the One Direction hot boy every chance she got. Harry knows the blabber mouth bombshell will dish their relationship problems in her music.

It would be hypocritical for me to say she couldn’t do it because everybody writes songs based on personal experience,” the super sexy Brit singer tells Us Weekly. “I can’t say I’d have dated someone less famous to avoid it”, he lied. He was just hoping for a few famous blow jobs in between touring.

Dating is hard for anyone, celebrity or not, according to Styles. “I think it’s people, you like people for who they are, so I couldn’t say I want to date someone less famous because of the hassle. You like who you like,” he lied. “I think relationships are hard enough, so I think you have to completely ignore everything from outside. When you’re in the opening stages of a relationship as it is, you’re still under the pressure of getting to know everything about a person. If you have a lot of people from outside telling you what it is and they don’t even know you, telling you what your relationship is, that’s weird. So I think you sort of have to block it out and just have the relationship rather than think – we’re having this relationship play out on magazine covers.” Wasn’t that good advice to Selena Gomez?

When asked about his type of chic, Harry Styles revealed “someone with a cute laugh and a good smile. Someone you can have fun with – I like someone who’s up for doing stuff in terms of like, trying new things and going out new places. Not just someone who does nothing and wants to sit around.”

We have to admit, Taylor is a mega talent, who will be around as long as Betty White, but was Harry trying to suggest that she’s boring? Outside of the stage, is she even worth our time? She never gives us any scandal like pantiless pictures, sinister selfies, or drunken bar fights. She never wears booty pads, or dyes her hair strange colors. Where are the piercings, and tattoos? Kelly Osbourne and Justin Bieber are over Taylor Swift, but what about you?

A One Direction producer told HollywoodLife Harry didn’t even care when he broke up with Taylor. Harry was relieved of the corny dates. “I was around when that was going on, I remember talking to him about it briefly, but he was cool and relaxed about it” the producer said.

What do you think? Does Taylor need to turn up a notch? Or does Harry Styles need to turn down? Do you feel like hearing another breakup song?

  • HollywoodHiccups

    I agree there is a song coming… she won’t take this sitting down.

  • allie

    Of course he didn’t, he’s a teenager. If she wants something lasting, she should try dating an adult