Teen Wolf Season 3 Sneak Peek Video: Scott Gets Himself into Some Trouble! (VIDEO)

Teen Wolf Season 3 Sneak Peek Video: Scott Gets Himself into Some Trouble!

Teen Wolf season 3 is headed our way this June and, needless to say, we couldn’t be more excited. We love ourselves some paranormal action here at CDL, and after last season’s high intensity drama we have a feeling all the Teen Wolf fans are going to be in for another high impact season — filled with more werewolves, more creatures, and more struggles for territory.

We recently let you in on quite a few secrets for season 3, and to check out those spoilers click here! In MTV’s most recent promo trailer, Scott, one of the show’s central characters, appears to be drowning. He’s being violently held under the water by a mysterious figure. He flails and flails, and we see the strong body holding him under and a wolf watching it all in the background. Scott’s attacker is eventually revealed . . . . It’s Scott, with a pretty great tattoo encompassing his left arm.

The trailer ends with Scott sinking into the water and is captioned with “This Might Hurt.” Yikes. Yep, drowning probably doesn’t feel amazing.

So what’s with this trailer? What is the show trying to get at by having Scott drown, well, Scott? My guess is that during this season he’ll be at great odds with not only everyone around him but also himself. I think this is the season where Scott’s greatest enemy will be his inner self, particularly his wolf side, and we’re curious to see how that struggle will influence his close friendships and relationships.

Teen Wolf season 3 premieres on MTV on Monday, June 3rd. Don’t forget to check it out. Keep coming back here for all your Teen Wolf spoilage needs. Also, if you have a busy summer planned, don’t worry about missing episodes because we will be recapping the series for you all summer long. Ur welcome.

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