Teresa Giudice Blames Jacqueline Laurita For Her Son’s Autism – Says It’s Karma!

Teresa Giudice Blames Jacqueline Laurita For Her Son's Autism - Says It's Karma!

Everything was about to go well for Teresa Giudice, she made up with Melissa Gorga and even attended her Arizona spa vacation; though while being there she ruined it due to insulting her frenemy Jacqueline Laurita on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Teresa mentioned that she wanted to stay on a more positive note from now on, but ended it all pretty quick with a single comment. Teresa said, “My thing is, I don’t want to ever do anything to hurt anyone because karma might not come back to me but to my daughters.” Jacqueline has a son who’s currently seriously autistic so instantly Jacqueline assumed that what Teresa meant was that if she doesn’t keep it positive her daughter is going to end up having autism like Jacqueline’s son.  Wonder how Teresa thinks her criminal behavior and coming trial will affect her children’s well-being?

This is isn’t the first time we’ve heard about something regarding autism, back before when Teresa was opening up to her husband Joe about Jacqueline not going to a healing retreat in Lake George. Joe made a very tasteless comment, saying that autism isn’t as bad as people make it to be, it’s no big deal at all. Joe implied that Jacqueline is using her autistic son as an excuse to not spend time with the Giudice’s (can you blame her if she did?) and in the end Teresa made excuses for the things Joe said about autism.

Teresa is a selfish person, in no way does she think about others and nor does she ever think about what she says. I’m not surprised that nobody wants anything to do with her at this point, they’d would be better off avoiding her.

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  • thebutcher

    I would love to pound the shit out of that guido. My cousins kid is autistic and I DO NOT take comments like that lightly at all