The Hollywood Catie Report Talks About Oprah, Racism and Celebs, The Royal Granny Nanny and Paula Deen’s Fate (Audio)

The Hollywood Catie Report Talks About Oprah, Racism and Celebs, The Royal Granny Nanny and Paula Deen's Fate (Audio)

This past Sunday was hardly a day of rest for the Hollywood Catie Radio report as I had the great opportunity to chat with Roshini Rajkumar host of News & Views on CBS Radio Mpls about all of the latest pop culture news. We dished on the latest round of Hollywood bad boys (and girls) and contemplated whether or not any of them might reform. Roshini happens to love Robert Downey Jr. and it wasn’t all that long ago that he was completely written off in Hollywood and thought to be one of those people who wasn’t worth the risk. Fast forward 10+ clean and sober years and Downey is one of the most respected (and highest paid!) actors around. He is proof that if people like Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes want to come back they really can!

Monday morning began with an early call from America’s Radio News Network and a discussion on Oprah’s being denied in a Swiss shop. It’s interesting because she admits to not being all decked out and glammed up as she asked to see an uber-expensive hand bag. The worker refused to show it to Oprah saying it was too expensive and to the clerk’s credit, Oprah has not been a big draw in Switzerland so they are not as likely to recognize her – as crazy as that seems. Oprah said it was a case of racial profiling, but was it really? Or was it just a simple instance of pre-judging – something retail workers are taught not to do?

That pre-judging is something we’re all at risk for so why should it be different for celebs? If I’m looking at pricey furniture while wearing sweats I’m not going to be treated the same as if I’m dressed properly. It’s just fact and a reality that someone as rich and powerful as Oprah is even subjected to!

After talking to John and Dana I hopped over to Mancow in the Morning for my weekly tabloid stop. I’m thinking the award for worst mother in the world has to go to Kris Jenner for renting Kendall and Kylie Jenner a teenaged beach house to crash at unsupervised all summer! You can’t discuss Kris without hitting on another Kardashian scandal and this week Khloe’s marriage to Lamar takes the prize. Did she file for divorce in LA on Monday? We have heard yes but the formal announcement has yet to drop!

Tuesday began with the Hollywood Catie’s first ever stop on WBAL-WIYY in Baltimore. We talked about Prince George and a royal baby update. As CDL told you earlier this week Prince William has asked his own nanny, Jessica Webb to come back and care for his son when Kate Middleton has to perform her official royal duties. What a smart move! Jessie has already proven decades of loyalty and silence to the family. She sure wouldn’t be tweeting photos of Georgie on the sly! The second stop of the day was at KID Newsradio 92.1 in Idaho Falls. There I also talked about Oprah and Prince George’s new granny nanny.

Tuesday afternoon was a longer stint at America’s Radio News Network, chatting with Rachel and Andrew about Paula Deen. While the judge dropped her discrimination case, the judgment in the court of public opinion remains to be seen. I still say this was one of the biggest PR disasters ever. If Paula had just owned her comments, apologized sincerely and then dropped that damn mic and walked away saying nothing more, it wouldn’t have all gone down as it did. Over explaining and crocodile tears did her in. Can she rebound? Hollywood does seem to have a short term memory and sooner rather than later someone will do something that makes her N-word look pale comparatively!

David Kirkpatrick, NYT Bureau Chief in Egypt joins us to discuss the escalating situation in Egypt and Jodi & Jack talk to Cate Meighan, Senior writer and editor for Celeb Dirty Laundry about the upcoming tv season