The Voice Season 4: Judging Panel Revamp with Usher and Shakira – Spoiler Preview (PHOTOS)

The Voice Season 4: Judging Panel Revamp with Usher and Shakira - Spoiler Preview (PHOTOS)

On the 25th of March, 2013, the new season 4 of The Voice will air. Why is this important? Well, for all of The Voice fans out there, this will be the first season in the show’s history that Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green will not be present. They have, instead, been replaced by a woman whose hips don’t lie, and a man who dances better than a drug addict at a meth freebie party. Or in other words: Shakira and Usher. Luckily, Aguilera and Green have both stated that they would like to return on an upcoming season of the show, but as we know Mark Burnett, he might like Shakira and Usher so much that he refuses to change the revamped format.

Several juggernaut reality television shows, including American Idol, have seen a drastic change to the format and the judging panel – this is to avoid mediocrity and idiosyncratic repetition. The only juggernaut reality television show that experienced a very drastic change was The X-Factor USASimon Cowell and L.A. Reid were the only common denominators throughout the first and second season.

The Voice’s revamped fourth season will obviously draw new talent, new music, and a completely different approach to the usual fare. The campy reality television show has seen its fair share of indie singers and wannabe divas, so we hope Usher and Shakira will change this talent patchiness and make the show a more enjoyable and more “across the board” experience.

Unfortunately, due to the loss of Aguilera and Green, many fan blocs have already stated their dismay and revealed that they will not watch the fourth season of the show. Fortunately, Usher and Shakira’s presence will draw a more unorthodox crowd, which will, in effect, change the voting structure and voting blocs.

Be prepared, America, The Voice is about to go supernova.

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