The X Factor Recap 12/11/13: Season 3 “The Top 4 Perform”

The X Factor Recap 12/11/13: Season 3 “The Top 4 Perform”

Tonight THE X FACTOR USA returns to FOX with a whole new episode called, “Top 4 Finalists Perform.”  On tonight’s show the Top Finalists perform songs that fans picked. Did you watch the last episode where the finalists got to perform their Diva songs? We did and we have a full and detailed recap right here, for you.

On the last week’s show the Top 6 Finalists sang two songs for America’s votes – one from their favorite diva artist, and the other, a stripped-down version of a song of their choice. The Top 6 finalists were: Restless Road, Alex & Sierra, Carlito Olivera, Rion Paige, Ellona Santiago and Jeff Gutt.  At the end of the evening Ellona Santiago and then Rion Paige were sent home.

On tonight’s show Mario Lopez told everyone last week that they would get to choose the songs the top 4 contestants would be singing.  the results of the online voting on their Twitter page were revealed.  Here’s what the fans picked for the final 4 – Alex & Sierra: Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks” – Carlito Olivero:  Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” – Jeff Gutt: Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” – Restless Road: Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night.”

On Thursday, December 12the, 2013 result show one last act will be eliminated and the remaining 3 acts will be headed to the finale. Jennifer Nettles and Enrique Iglesias will perform live!

Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I am not going to miss and neither should you. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s The X Factor USA Season 3 Top 4 Finalists Perform – tonight at 8PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date The X Factor News!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

First up is Carlito Olivero; he believes now that everything he does in the top four will only be his best. America chose him to sing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber; he is so happy to have America pick his song because he’s glad they know and like what he’s doing. He would sing all the time at home and he would give all his money to his family to help them live a better life; after all they have done for him in his life.

Kelly says that she is incredibly proud of him; she has been waiting for that performance all season and he was confident and made both her and the girl on stage sweat. Demi said she is so happy for him because of how he was so nervous at first but right now his performance has star quality and has the X Factor. Simon says he knows that Carlito is here to make it into the finals and says he loves how he never gets down being in the bottom two but believes that he is a great performer that people like; he feels a bit nervous now. Paulina says that the girls all love him and that he is can sing almost anything; he is so diverse and loves him.

 Next up is Restless Road and they felt their last performance was one of their most emotional performance, this week America chose there song and they are singing “That’s My Kind of Night” by Luke Bryan. Their parents are really proud with all the success they’ve been having as a group; they cannot believe how far their boys have gone and support them one hundred percent.

Kelly says it was so much fun to watch and that the style of the song is absolutely what they have to do on their album, Demi says that it didn’t do it for her; she said it was fun but felt it was awkward because they have to open much more. Paulina says she likes the way they sing but Colton is the main piece of it all and that Zach and Andrew need to both be more open. Simon says that the song was brilliant and that they deserve to be where they are.

Next up is Alex & Sierra; they felt that their performance last week went really well. They were so happy to hear all the positive comments; Alex started performing at 3 years old and loved everything about music as he grew up. Sierra loves singing but has always been a dancer at heart; she loves getting to perform on stage and their families are proud of them. America chose “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men; they are excited for their song and want to make America proud.

Kelly says that they make her mad because of how they come up and nail their performance; they killed it. Demi says that she downloaded their performances off of iTunes and that she believes that she is looking at the winners. Paulina believes they come much stronger each week and that they have a huge space in the music industry. Simon says that he thanks America for the song first of all because it’s so good; he believes they are making records every week and one of the best contestants he’s ever worked with.

Next up is Jeff Gutt; this is his life and he has sacrificed everything to be here. He learned music from his dad; his dad says that his road has a lot of down than ups. But when he had his son he regained his passion for life and music; America chose “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley which he actually sang at his first audition last season. He has given his life for this and is willing to give it all to win it all.

Demi says that she just said that Alex & Sierra could be the winner but believes the Jeff could be the winner as well; she believes his cover of the song is her most favorite. Paulina says that he did amazing and that she thinks the fact that he made the song his own was perfect. Simon says that was one of the best versions of the song he has ever heard; he has such passion and believes he is the biggest competition for him. Kelly says one word and is going to iTunes to get his version of the song and loves working with him so much; she wants him to take the whole thing home.

Next up is the duets and first up is Alex & Sierra VS. Carlito Olivero; they have to really go at each other and neither of them can go easy. Carlito is nervous because the song is about love, so Alex & Sierra have a good chance with their chemistry together; but he came to win and will give it his all.

Paulina says that it she loved them both and for some reason felt that Carlito stepped into them being alone; he did so well with the long notes. Simon says that it’s new territory for him and that all the contestants have been amazing tonight; he believes Carlito and Alex did well on the song but Sierra stole the song. Kelly says that Alex & Sierra were a little pitchy at first but were so beautiful but Carlito has so much passion and emotion; it was amazing! Demi says that she had no idea Carlito could sing like that and it was his best vocal performance and the same goes for Sierra; thought they were pitchy at first.

Next up is Restless Road VS. Jeff Gutt; Reckless Road wants to just demolish Jeff and believe he’s standing in their way to be at the top. Jeff says that it’s game on; he plans to have them in his shadow as background vocals. Kelly believes Jeff has such a raw and powerful voice; she believes he can do it.

Kelly says the vocals were really good but Jeff completely killed it. Simon says that he felt that the good thing about the boys is that they kept to their roots and asks to get them in the finals. Paulina says they did terrific and that Restless Road did great but Jeff was amazing. Demi says that Restless Road had great style but thought that Jeff had much better vocals and stole the performance.

First up is Carlito Olivero and he is singing for his family; he wants to show how much he loves them all. This is his dream and he has never wanted to never be anything else; he wants to stop having to take on two or three jobs to pay his rent. This opportunity means a lot of him and he doesn’t know how to quite or give up. Carlito is singing “I Need To Know” by Marc Anthony.

Kelly said that he is not playing tonight whatsoever; he brought out all of his weapons and is doing all the right things. Demi says that his vocals sound great and complicated him in Spanish. Simon said that it was kind of like a magic act and a singing act; he believed the song was perfect for him. He without a doubt had his best week so far. Paulina says that he has slowly been winning the hearts of America tonight; he is in the competition.

Next up is Reckless Road with their final song; they are so glad that Simon put them together into a group. They are glad to have met each other and love the fact that they have made it so far into this competition together; they are ready to win. They are singing “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes.

Kelly said that honestly she felt they were singing to her the whole time; first of all she didn’t expect they wouldn’t have such amazing vocals. Demi said that this is what they need to do; she feels that this is incredible. Paulina said that they said what she thinks; they did an amazing vocal together. Simon says that they saved the best till last; it’s exactly the type of record they should make. It’s impressive with how they perform to help each other so well; he is truly pleased with them and wants them in the finals.

Next up is Alex & Sierra and they will sing “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles – they are amazed to be so far but they are so amazed to be close to winning a million dollars. They are taking nothing for granted; they are ready to perform the best they can and win this.

Kelly says that they both sound incredible but loved the most was how Sierra grew so much through all of this; she is getting so emotional over their performance. Demi says that song has so much meaning to her; they sang it flawlessly and she believes that they are stars. Paulina says they have different personalities and seeing them blend together with their love is amazing; they have the X Factor. Simon says they showed that they want to be in the finals so bad; he wish he could bottle the last 10 seconds of the song because it was perfection, working with them has been one of the biggest pleasures of his life.

Next up with his last song is Jeff Gutt; he came back to win and does not want to go back home to watch someone else win it. He is not ready to go home and think of a plan B; he is doing everything in his power to win and is willing to fight for the death for it. Jeff is singing “Demons” by imagine Dragons.

Demi says that it’s amazing to see him come so far since last season; she is amazed that it’s truly his time this season. It was a tiny bit pitchy at the end but he killed it. Paulina says he looked powerful and the songs that have been chosen for him is amazing. Simon says it was an incredible song and performance; he believes this has been the best show of the X Factor and loves how Jeff came with everything tonight. Kelly says that she is very sorry and has enjoyed being his mentor; the most amazing thing about the journey is watching all the contestants and respects him as a man and a father. Jeff says that he could not have done this without Kelly and she has been amazing; he thanks America for picking his song.

Who will survive?