The X Factor Recap 12/4/13: Season 3 “The Top 6 Perform”

The X Factor Recap 12/3/13: Season 3 “The Top 6 Perform”

Tonight THE X FACTOR USA returns to FOX with a whole new episode called, “Top 6 Finalists Perform.”  On tonight’s show the Top Finalists perform their songs for Diva Week week. Did you watch the last episode where the finalists got to perform their Big Band songs? We did and we have a full and detailed recap right here, for you.

On the last week’s show the finalists performed and the theme of the week was Big Band Week.  Last week was a double elimination week, so the finalist had to bring their all to stick around another week and make it to the Top 6.  Canadian vocalist Michael Bublé was a guest performer.  By the results show the finalist’s sent home were Josh Levi and Lillie McCoud.

On tonight’s show the Top 6 Finalists sing two songs for America’s votes – one from their favorite diva artist, and the other, a stripped-down version of a song of their choice. The Top 6 finalists are: Restless Road, Alex & Sierra, Carlito Olivera, Rion Paige, Ellona Santiago and Jeff Gutt.  On Thursday’s results show two of The X Factor’s most successful graduates are slated to perform live on Thursday’s results show! The X FACTOR USA will be hosting Little Mix, the winners of X Factor UK’s 2011 season, and last year’s breakout boy band, Emblem3.

Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I am not going to miss and neither should you. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s The X Factor USA Season 3 Top 6 Finalists Perform – tonight at 8PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date The X Factor News!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

First up tonight is Restless Road; last week their performance went really well. They perform for their hometowns; they are getting a lot of support from everyone at home and they love to make them proud. Tonight they are singing a song by Taylor Swift called “Red”; they are having a little trouble with the song trying to make it manly.

Kelly says that they worked that song out really well; she loves how their vocals are so tight and that they have found their thread which ties them together as a group. Demi says that they have come a long way and that she is proud of them. Paulina says they are so cute together and loves when they sing; she knows the song and believed Simon made a good choice. Simon says that they deserve to be in the finals and that nobody has worked as hard as they did; they deserve to win.

Next up is Rion Page; she felt so bad about being in the bottom two and fought hard to not cry about it. She was so relieved to have had her name called; her hometown has been very supportive for her with all they have done for her. Rion’s father says that he is proud of his daughter and all that she has done so far. Demi has given Rion the song  “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood.

Kelly says ever time Rion is so genuine when singing; she believes Rion was a diva with how she commanded the stage. Paulina says she loves her and her vocals; she has such a unique and powerful voice. Simon says it was a good song but not the best; he likes how she went back to her country roots and feels like that the second song should be a better choice for her. Demi says that she took her breath away when seeing her get on stage; she believes nobody has the fire in their eyes that she does when she performs.

Next up is Jeff Gutt; Jeff was so amazed last week with how Simon gave him a standing ovation. His community has its up and downs; but the support he gets from his hometown has really helped him to keep working hard, wanting to make them all very proud. Kelly gives Jeff a song by Mariah Carey called “Without You”.

Demi says that Jeff has come a long way and her niece is obsessed with him; she believes he has the X Factor. Paulina says that she loves him and that he rocked that song; he reminds her of Axel Rose. Simon says that Jeff is a boring person; but when he comes on stage he completely transforms and loved the lighting rigged. But what he loves is that Jeff actually wants to win this really badly and works hard; though he believes it was the best performance of the night. Kelly says that it was an incredible performance and that he did it justice

Next up is Ellona Santiago and she is singing a song by Lady Gaga called “Applause”; last week she felt her performance was amazing and gave it all she had. She loved having her whole family there; they are always there for each other no matter what.  Ellona wants to be in the semi-finals so badly; she is ready to give it her all.

Kelly says that this was truly her best performance so far; she noticed how she was making such a big presence, but needs her to take control of the big notes more. Paulina says that she has such power and talent; it doesn’t even matter what she sings because she sings it so well. Simon says she has no idea what happened to her; she went from a mouse to a tiger and wasn’t crazy of the original version of the song but loved her version. Demi says the she could not be more proud of her; she has the ability to be a true dive and role model.

Next up is Alex & Sierra singing a Destiny’s Child song called “Say My Name”; last week went really well and got great comments. Their hometown has been very supportive of what they have been doing; they are very humble to get this kind of feedback. Sierra is feeling very home sick and has been apart from her mom for a long time and is missing her so much; it makes her want to cry.

Kelly says that she must admit that she was not ready for that; a couple of moments she was wondering if it was truly her song, they pulled it off really well and loved Sierra’s sass. Demi says that she felt they were probably nervous a bit but Sierra has truly come out of her shell; she wants to see them in the finals. Paulina loves them a lot and that they have potential to be in the industry right now. Simon says he gets the feeling that he is looking at winners; he looks forward to how they put a different take on the song that they choose.

Next up is Carlito Olivero and last week was amazing for him; he got lots of support from the judges and his family. His hometown was pretty rough but it’s what made him the man he is today; he went to Paulina’s house to practise this week. They changed the song because Paulina felt that her first choice would have lost him votes; she is sure the new song is far better. Carlito is singing “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez.

Kelly says that he kind of fell flat for her this week; Demi says last week was hard to top and feels like he didn’t do it this time and wanted him to flirt more with the girls. Simon says that he thinks they have been unfair with him; he knows how much pressure it must be on him to have a song switch with 24 hours left.

Next up Restless Road with their second song unplugged; they have been given a song which Simon has always wanted them to sing and it’s one he dearly loves. They are singing “Wake Me Up” by Avicii.

Kelly says that she loved how each one of them left their hearts on that stage; it was truly beautifully and it was a great performance. Demi says they made her cry; she is really proud of how beautiful that song was. Paulina says that she is proud that they are here. Simon says that this is what he always hoped where they would end up being; they have come such a long way and is incredibly proud of them and would buy that song in a heartbeat.

Next up is Rion Page with her unplugged performance and will be singing “Glass” by Thomson Square; she has been told all her life that she can’t do much because of her disability with her hands but the X Factor has been the greatest experience of her life.

Kelly says that unplugged allows the artist to be vulnerable; Paulina says that she is such an inspiration and that she empowers them with her talent. Simon says that it was so much better than the first song and believes she could have saved herself with that second song. Demi says that every word of that song is what she is about and it’s inspiring; she deserves this and America should vote for her.

Jeff Gutt was given the song “Daniel” by Elton John; he appreciates this song choice by Kelly because it reminds him of his brother who is currently serving in the military.

Demi says that she has to be honest and said it was good but a bit stale; it was great but not as good as his first performance. Paulina says that his singing to his brother is something she loved and seeing how he played the guitar was great. Simon said that it wasn’t as vocally good but the sentiment on that song was really strong; he feels like that Jeff has had a strong night. Kelly says that it’s tough for him to open up to people but the way he opened up tonight was really amazing.

Next up is Ellona Santiago with her unplugged performance, she is taking on a Beyonce song titled “If I Were A Boy”; every week she has back up dancers and a big production. Ellona is nervous having to only use her voice to show what she’s got; she hopes her voice is enough to win this competition.

Kelly says that she has such a big beautiful voice and like the parts where she actually soften the tones because her voice has so many levels which she should explore more. Paulina says she feels like she’s watching a super star; she loves how passionate and her delivery was perfect. Simon says this is exactly what he wanted from her since the beginning and felt it was one of his favorite performances so far from her. Demi says that she is so happy to be her mentor and that she deserves to be in the finals.

Next up is Alex & Sierra with their unplugged performance; they usually take songs and changed them up a lot. This time they are going to be playing the piano and the guitar; they are taking a big risk performing the song “Say Something” by A Great Big World.

Kelly says that she felt like she was watching a performance at an award show; she just saw a really big light for them and that it’s where they shine the best. Demi says that both of them playing instruments is really organic; she loved how they never took their eyes off of each other because it’s so beautiful. Paulina says she is very impressed with how they both played instruments and loved that they are so different. Simon says that this for him was the best performance of the entire season; it was a record without a doubt.

Last up for tonight is Carlito Olivero with his unplugged performance; Carlito did boxing for 4 years and did that before his performance night to relieve stress, Carlito is singing “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King.

Kelly says that was actually the best vocal she has heard from him the whole competition, Demi says she wish there was not so much music in the background; she felt his voice was so amazing and loved his Spanish. Simon says that it was much better than the first song and would be upset to lose him. Paulina says that they will not lose him; that song was great and loves him.

Okay folks there you have it!  Come back Thursday December 5 for our elimination show!