Tori Spelling’s Sex Tape Leaked – “Broke” Celeb Wants To Get Paid

Tori Spelling's Sex Tape Leaked - "Broke" Celeb Wants To Get Paid

When you think of celebrity sex tapes that would sell like hotcakes I don’t think the idea of Tori Spelling getting busy comes to mind. Unfortunately, the broke TV mogul confirms in her latest book, Spelling It Like It Is, that she and her husband Dean McDermott made a tape in 2009 as a Valentine’s Day celebration. Tori convienently claims that one of Dean’s “biker” friends copied the footage from their home computer and has attempted to sell it to whatever entertainment house would be willing to pay for it.

Apparently there aren’t any takers because the home made porn was stolen two years ago and this is the first that we are hearing of it. Tori had to leak the news that her video was stolen, by herself! Did Dean’s biker friend really swipe it or is this chick looking to drum up a little interest to sell it herself? I think that’s the real question. She recently spoke about how absolutely broke she and Dean are. You’d think that being an heiress would have left her loaded but after years of lousy investments and fighting with Candy Spelling over daddy’s millions, she is maxed out.

Is Tori desperate enough to want to sell her own porn footage? She claims that they kept the video because she checked her angles afterwords and decided that she looked pretty good. Most mothers would never in a million years take this route to make some fast cash but Tori isn’t most mothers. She has spent the last several years profiting off of her family so who is to say that she wouldn’t attempt to profit off of her sex life if the bank account is dismal enough? Is that what’s up here? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet