Who Will Win The Voice Season 4 Tonight? (POLL)

Who Will Win The Voice Season 4 Tonight? (POLL)

THE VOICE continued last night on NBC and the Final 3 took to the stage for their FINALE performance and gave it their all for America’s votes. Yes we are down to Danielle Bradbery, Michelle Chamuel and The Swon Brothers. Believe me last night they gave their do-or-die performances, they all want to be named the champion of “The Voice” and all the prizes that go along with it.

There were some fantastic performances last night as the artists performed three songs and it is going to be hard to predict who will win it all, it is really a tight race this season. The judges were on a total love fest and loved everyone. Did you watch last night’s performance show? We did and we recapped it here for you.

Let’s see how all the singers did last night before we give you our poll to vote in – I am choosing my favorite song of the three they performed last night to review.

The Swon Brothers singing Danny’s Song by Loggins and Messina [VIDEO HERE] – Judges comments: Usher said, “The fact that they personalize it makes it define them.  You guys did that song such justice.  What an incredible rendition, amazing.”  Adam said, “I got lost in.  Everything that Usher said.  That is such as classic record, and you continued the legacy of an old song.  You should be proud.”  Blake said, “That feels like that song could be on radio right now.  You took that song and you reinvented it, good for you guys.  Your harmonies get better every time your perform it.”

Danielle Bradbery performing Born To Fly by Sarah Evans [VIDEO HERE] – Judges comments: Usher said, “It’s obvious that your did a great thing by electing to go with Blake.  You are definitely special.”  Adam Levine said, “What else can I say, your perfection is boring, you are amazing you are too good.”  Blake Shelton said, “As your coach I would like to say coachy things, but honestly I am one of the millions of people you have wrapped around your finger.”

Michelle Chamuel singing Why by Annie Lennox [VIDEO HERE] – Judges comments: Shakira said, “That was beautiful, it is established how much I like you as an artist.  I think people should know how humble you are, you have the perfect combination.”  Blake said, “Man, first of all I am still freaked out about that mirror trick.  Anyway besides the fact it was refreshing to see a more laid back performance.  Probably a good time to show that.”  Usher said, “I thought she was phenomenal, I think she is phenomenal.”

Tonight after weeks of anticipation we will find out who is going to crowed the winner of The Voice.  It is really to close to call.  My favorite are the Swon Brothers but I doubt they will win.  If they do not win I would go with Danielle Bradbery, but if I was guessing I think Michelle Chamuel just might take it all.

Whose performance did you enjoy most last night?  Which artists do you think will be crowned the winner of The Voice?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to vote in our official Celeb Dirty Laundry poll below!