Will Smith Recruits Justin Bieber To Scientology – Watch Out For “Uncle Will” (PHOTO)

Will Smith Recruits Justin Bieber To Scientology - Watch Out For "Uncle Will"

Is Will Smith recruiting Justin Bieber to Scientology? Will and Justin have been spending some time together, largely due to the fact that Justin is good friends with Will’s son, Jaden Smith. Justin uploaded a picture with himself and ‘Uncle Will’ on Instagram, and the two look like they’re in the midst of some bonding time.

There are rumors floating around that Will is trying to show Justin the benefits of Scientology, and if his idol and his best friend are both part of it, what’s to stop Justin from joining? Imagine the coup for The Church of Scientology if Justin joined? Think of the millions of impressionable Beliebers who would follow blindly into the clutches of the cult and they money they would pay to be members with their idol.  Yes, “Justin Bieber Joins Scientology” is the headline David Miscavige is dying to read.

Considering that Justin is at his most impressionable right now, I wouldn’t be very surprised if these rumors turned out to be true. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but how many people would have thought that Will Smith and Tom Cruise would turn out to be part of a religion that worshiped aliens?

Honestly, it might even do Justin some good to get a sense of community for a while. We all know celebrities in Scientology are treated way better than the plebeians, and it might make him behave. Obviously, it’s probably not the smartest choice in the long-term, as we’re seeing with Leah Remini and other Scientology defectors.

Anyway, this is all speculation and based on some unfounded rumors online, but I thought it would be interesting to explore the ramifications of Justin joining Scientology. Would that lead to his fans joining? It certainly would be great publicity for the religion, especially after the PR nightmares it’s been facing in the wake of so many high profile defectors and negative news stories.

What do you guys think about the possibility of Justin joining Scientology? Do you believe Will is trying to recruit him? Or is it just a load of hogwash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Ronald Smith

    Enough tats on Biebs? God he was so clean cut a few years ago. Good influences in his life.

  • Ali

    So he doesn’t like his kids hanging with the Kardashians’ (Jenner’s)- but Justin Bieber is okay?

  • BosonStark

    I think they’re probably just having sex.

  • Chris

    I highly doubt that this is true at all.

  • Not Scientology!

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    Scientology can cure Justin just like it has with WS, JPS, JT, KP, KA, TC, and many more. Scientology has the tech and it WORKS.


    This is great news for Justin! Scientology tech WORKS and can cure Justin just as it cured TC, DM, JTr, KP, WS, JPS, and so many more! Like Tom said, only Scientology has these kinds of answers that are, wow, totally final. It’s DONE! Justin can be cured by Scientology tech, it WORKS and you KNOW it works. Justin will be cured and can go on to live a totally normal lifestyle as a Scientologist!!!

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  • Paul V. Tupointeau

    Notice you didn’t have to ask “What’s OSA?” Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs is their “dirty tricks department” in charge of handling bad P.R. and discrediting (often, destroying) critics. In any case, I don’t care if you work for them. Your response is mostly right. Scientologists don’t worship in the sense of a conventional religion (yet they hang onto that status in the US …I wonder how?) They do, however, come very close to worshipping money and power. The Xenu business is true, by the way, although most members never get far enough to learn the big expensive secret.