Winona Ryder Plotting To Steal Johnny Depp Away From Amber Heard

Winona Ryder Plotting To Steal Johnny Depp Away From Amber Heard 0426

I know a lot of you could probably give a damn about this story but, because Winona Ryder and Little Women were the closest things to perfection to me in my pre-teen, formative years, a Johnny Depp/Winona Ryder story will always be high on my radar.

…. Even if the story comes from the National Enquirer and is laughable at best.

Apparently Winona senses trouble in the Amber Heard situation and is itching to inch her way back into Johnny’s good graces. According to sources, Amber has been hounding Johnny to go public with their relationship and his reluctance is driving her back into the arms of her lesbian lover. The single life doesn’t seem like it’s been too calming for Johnny, does it? So, Winona recognizes the fact that she and Johnny got engaged and serious too young but sees now as the perfect time to rekindle their love. If Justin and Selena can make a go of it, why not Johnny and Winona?

“In hindsight, Winona realizes that she and Johnny were too young and immature to make their romance work,” a source said. “But now that they’re both 20 years older and wiser, Winona believes there’s hope they can rekindle their romance. She’s even dropped hints to their mutual friend, Tim Burton, about arranging a date or even developing a film project for them.”

God, this makes Winona look so desperate. She might have done a stupid thing in the past but my girl is not stupid. She’s been dating designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn for the last couple years. Maybe before when her life was a little tougher and she looked more delicate and shattered I would have wanted this to be true but now I’m kinda over it. Don’t get me wrong, It would be first class amazeballs but, on the other hand, can’t Winona grow and move on? Look at Johnny Depp? Would you want that now? It’s a far cry from Johnny 20 years ago. Just saying…. Homegirl looks pretty hot lately. Let’s give her some credit for getting her shit and her career together. True first love is nice and all, but if I were her, I’d let Amber have him.

Is Winona Ryder plotting to get Johnny back? I know a lot of you think she’s crazy but you’d have to be plenty crazy to want that baggage right now.


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4 responses to “Winona Ryder Plotting To Steal Johnny Depp Away From Amber Heard”

  1. Guest says:

    Such DODO, go get a story with facts.

  2. Guest says:

    Report something news worthy.

  3. Guest says:

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  4. Angela says:

    The only possible way one would even know this is if you are that person’s mind. These stories get more ridiculous by the day lol.