16 and Pregnant RECAP 4/28/14: Season 5 Episode 3 “Millina”

16 and Pregnant RECAP 4/28/14: Season 5 Episode 3 “Millina”

Tonight on MTV their reality show 16 & Pregnant is back with the third episode of its 5th season. On tonight’s episode called, “Millina,” A girl with a troubled past gets pregnant while her mom is in jail.

On last week’s episode Autumn pushed her boyfriend to get a job.  A former party-girl tried to convince her boyfriend to get clean before the baby arrived.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s episode we have met Mandy and Autumn and tonight we are meeting Millian is a girl with a troubled past, she now has to deal with getting pregnant along with her mother in jail; not being able to have advice on how to be a mother at such a young age.

Tonight’s 16 & Pregnant episode is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 5 episode 3 of 16 & Pregnant.

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Tonight’s episode of 16 & Pregnant follows the life of pregnant teen Millina, her Mom is currently incarcerated and her Dad is “flaky” so she is living with her Grandma. She met her boyfriend Trevor partying, and they are now expecting a son together named Kayden.

Millina calls her Mom in prison plays a recording of her son Kayden’s heartbeat that she had put inside a teddy bear. She is trying to discuss their relationship with her Mom, but her Mom has to rush off the phone because she is out of phone time. Millina confesses to her boyfriend that it is hard for her to focus on the baby because she is worried about her Mom’s upcoming court date. Trevor gives her a pep talk and tells her that they “have to stay strong” and focus on Kayden’s future.

Millina heads out to lunch with a friend of hers and they discuss her pregnancy. Millina wasn’t on birth control when she got pregnant, but she plans on getting on birth control after Kayden is born. Millina announces that once Kayden is born she has no intention of partying or drinking anymore, she doesn’t want Kayden to go through all of the things she is going through with her Mom.

MIllina and Trevor head over to his Mom Tina’s house to show her the latest ultrasound photos. Millina has some issues with Trevor’s Mom because she is mentally unstable, and has a health condition that causes her to have seizures, so she is concerned about Tina watching Kayden alone. Tina’s feelings are hurt when she learns from Millina and Trevor that she won’t be allowed alone with Kayden.

Millina talks to her Grandma about what is going to happen after Kayden is born. She knows her Grandma is going to want some peace and quiet after Kayden is born, but she confesses to her that she doesn’t trust Tina with the baby and she doesn’t like that Tina is always talking badly about her Mom.

Millina decides to discuss the future with Trevor, and they head out to lunch. She wants to know what their game plan is after the baby is born. She wants the baby to live at her house with her Grandma, and Trevor volunteers to come over and stay with her and help her care for the baby. Trevor admits he wishes the baby was going to live at his house, but he knows he is just being selfish.

Hayley, MIllina’s friend arrives at her house and Millina discusses her Mom’s court case with her. There is a chance that her Mom might get out of prison and go to a rehab. And, that means she may be able to be with Millina when Kayden is worn.

The next day Millina heads to court to be there for her Mom. Millina is devastated when the judge denies her motion for bail, and announces she will not be getting out of jail so she won’t be there when Kayden is born.

Millina meets her Dad at the park and she discusses her concerns about Tina and her Mom. Her Dad says that her best bet is to stay away from all of the adults in her life, because they all have way too many issues.

Afterwards Tina reveals to Millina that she and Trevor are moving into her friends’ basement. She wants Millina to come with her and Trevor, she doesn’t want Millina and the baby around her own Mom, she says her own Mom doesn’t even “give a shit about herself.” Millina tells her that she doesn’t want her home alone with the baby, she is afraid that she might have a stroke when she is taking care of the baby. Millina and Trevor’s Mom Tina wind up in a screaming match over whether or not she will be trusted alone with the baby, Millina storms out of the house and Trevor follows her and comforts her.

That night MIllina went into labor and her Grandma drove her to the hospital. She texted Trevor and he met her there, and Tina waited in the living-room. After hours of contractions Millina finally gave birth to her and Trevor’s son Kayden.

Kayden is four days old, and Millina and Trevor have been staying at her Grandma’s house with the baby. Trevor has been pressuring her to take the baby over to his house so that her Mom can spend some time with the baby. Millina has no intention of taking the baby over to Tina’s house, the last time she was there Tina freaked out on her.

Kayden is two weeks old now and MIllina still hasn’t taken him to Tina’s house. Tina is furious and won’t stop blowing up her phone. Now, Trevor is upset with Millina because she is ignoring his Mom’s phone calls.

Millina finally caves and has her Dad take her over to Trevor and Tina’s house. Trevor has been ignoring her phone calls for weeks now, and he is not happy that she won’t move the baby into his house. Millina breaks down crying and says that she “feels like everyone is ganging up on her.” Tina tries to comfort her and tells her she is “offering her love, because she knows she didn’t receive a lot of it at home.”

Trevor sits down with Millina after her argument with his Mom, and Millina explains that their relationship shouldn’t revolve around his Mom. Trevor says that from now on they need to stop worrying about their relationship and start worrying about Kayden.

Now that Kayden is born Millina plans to get her GED because she knows she needs to be able to have a diploma to support her son. Overall Millina’s main goal is that Kayden never has to feel the way her mother has made her feel.