Abby’s Studio Rescue Recap 7/1/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Abby Meets Her Match”

Abby’s Studio Rescue Recap 7/1/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Abby Meets Her Match”

Tonight on lifetime Abby’s Studio Rescue continues with its second episode called, “Abby Meets Her Match.” On tonight’s episode, Abby visits a troubled dance studio in Northridge, Cal., but the owner takes offense at Abby’s tough-love approach and kicks her out.

On the last episode Dance studios on the brink of closing were transformed by Abby Lee Miller. In the opener, Abby visited a struggling studio in Warwick, R.I., and discovered that the owner was too anxious to even come to her own place of business. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Abby heads to Northridge, CA, to help another dance studio in trouble, but when the owner takes offense to Abby’s tough love critique, she kicks Abby out and a battle ensues.

Tonight’s episode is going to be a drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Abby’s Studio Rescue – tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about Abby’s Studio Rescue.


Abby heads to a studio in Northridge, California to West Coast Dance Theater. It’s owned by Norine Xavier, a former professional dancer. Her studio is failing, she has few students left and it was once the hottest place around with a waiting list. She went from 250 down to 50 students in the last two years. She says without help, she will lose it. Jennifer, one of her instructors, knows everything is on the line.

Norine says competitive dance exploded in the last 10 years and it has ruined her business because she doesn’t compete. Sara, another dance instructor, says they lose a lot of customers to competitive students. Brian is their head hip-hip instructor and says he may have to leave if things don’t pick up. Jordan says she teaches them old-school stuff and it’s driving people away.

Lisa says the studio is special because it has a family feel but dance mom Lisa says the place is a disaster and she doesn’t know why they’ve stayed so long. She points out all the disrepair and says Norine isn’t keeping her dance moves or studio competitive. Norine says she doesn’t have enough income to make repairs. She’s in tears and says she can’t let her dream end. She says she’s desperate.

It’s time for her to get some #AbbysStudioRescue help. Abby says if she won’t move into the 21st century, she can’t be saved. She comes in the door and Norine screams and runs to her. She can’t believe Abby is there. The other dancers are also stunned. She greets them all and dance mom Lisa is thrilled. Abby asks where all the students are and says on Thursday evening, it should be packed.

She asks why there aren’t more kids in the class. She says she’s there to offer her help. Norine is thrilled. Abby says she needed help herself a few years ago but there was no one to help her. She says since she’s in a position to help, she would like to, but won’t open up her own checkbook. Norine says she will listen to anything she has to say. Abby tells her she’s taking over the studio.

Lisa says that she’s happy Abby is there but thinks Norine will not handle the criticism well. Abby says she hopes Norine has the courage to make changes. Abby says they will have a showcase in four days and will present a brand new studio to the community. She tells them it’s now or never. Norine says the students will have to work their rears off.

It’s time for the studio inspection. Abby points out stuff that’s a fire hazard and a room that’s just full of junk. Abby tells her she’s hoarding. Norine says nothing and is just blank. Abby worries her blank face means she doesn’t give a damn. There are exposed wires and Abby tells her to get her landlord in there. She says no wonder parents don’t want their kids there – it’s a dump. Norine still says nothing.

Abby thinks she’s in denial and if she doesn’t listen, she will lose her dance studio. Abby asks her how she pays the rent and Norine says hand to fist. She says she’s $20,000 in debt and close to closing. Abby asks how it happened and Norine says the competition studios took her students. She says she teaches good technique. Abby asks why she won’t compete.

Norine says she doesn’t like kids to be judged and for the parents to be competitive. Abby tells her that life is a competition and says she’s competing against every other dance studio. Abby says her way is not the best way any more. She says times have changed and she has to change. Norine says she won’t change her stance on being a competition studio but she doesn’t want to lose her studio.

Abby says Norine is old school and living in the past. She says this studio is going under and she worries that it will be an uphill battle convincing her to start a competitive team. Abby says they’re stuck in the past and says Norine has to deal with her problems. She calls her out and the instructors come in. She wants to see what kind of dancers she’s producing.

She watches Brian’s students and Abby says that Brian is talented. She says he has fresh new ideas and could bring new students in. She says Norine definitely needs to keep him. Abby calls for Norine’s piece. The girls sit on the floor and start a slow kind of meh number to a meh song. Abby says the choreography is outdated and says she thinks Norine will be sensitive about this.

Abby tells Norine that she’s afraid to compete. She says the kids didn’t even really perform. She says when you compete, you perform like it’s your last dance. She thinks Norine is simply afraid that she can’t produce a competition number that would win. Lisa is mad because her daughter Paige was left out and she’s been there for a long time.

Lexee’s mom says they need to recognize that she’s their best dancer. Paige is the studio star and Abby says her mom can’t handle the new dancer. Lisa and Lexee’s mom get into it and Norine holds a crying Lexee. Norine tells them all to stop. Abby tells Norine it’s happening because she’s letting it. Abby says she’s taking over. She says this fight is over nothing and makes no sense.

Abby tells them the first routine will be classic jazz but something current. She says next will be hip-hop. She tells Lexee she will get a solo and that Jennifer will choreograph it. Abby asks if they can do it and the dancers cheer but Norine says it won’t happen and rains all over their parade. This pisses Abby off.

Next day, the dancers are hard at work on the showcase and Abby pulls Norene aside for a talk. She takes her into the back rooms and wants her to clear out all the relics. She tells her to take that stuff home and get it out of the studio. She says these are things from a long time ago and says she needs to move into the present. Norine says this is a waste of her time and Abby says the past is a waste of her time.

She thinks Norine is living in her glory days. She’s angry with Norine and says she’s raising her voice because she’s angry that she wants to be an old slob. Norine says that’s not what she wants. They are at the jazz rehearsal and it looks pretty cool. Abby says she wants a change – she says the routine is too repetitive. Norine is annoyed that she’s interrupted her.

Norine says no one comes in and changes her choreography. Abby says it needs to change. She tells the girls to listen up and Norine tells her to leave the rehearsal. She wants her gone. Abby tells them when they come back hopefully things will be different. Norine presses on and throws her out. Abby is ready to walk and go help someone else who will actually listen to her.

Abby rants to the dance moms that Norine kicked her out of rehearsal and she’s the one that wins dance awards for choreography every week. The moms nod in agreement. Brian works with his students as Abby comes in. She says Brian may be the key to bring in new students. She recommends the kids interact with each other as part of the routine. She tells him to tell a story. Brian is inspired and she tells him that his routine could go to a competition.

Abby comes back to the solo rehearsal with Lexee and Jennifer. Abby says Lexee is talented but needs better choreography. Jennifer is a little annoyed with her changing the routine but lets her do it. Jennifer decides to take it as a learning experience. Lexee thanks Abby for her help. She then goes back to Norine and asks her to sit down and talk.

Abby tells her she’s given her tools and she’s just unwilling to change. Norine says she’s wrong. She asks if her business is in jeopardy. Norine admits it is. She’s in tears but says she won’t lose her business. Abby says she was in trouble at her studio and understands where she’s been and had to dig herself out of it.

Abby says she should have been a better businesswoman and asks Norine what she will do to make her studio thrive. Norine says she will make it into a business. She tells Norine she has to try a competition and Norine says no. Abby says it’s just part of the business. She says you have to compete and win to get new paying customers. She tells Norine enough tears.

Abby tells her she’s going to have a big surprise for her when she comes back to the studio. She hopes she’s getting through to Norine at last. She says they need fresh choreography and a competitive team.

It’s showcase day and Abby is ready to reveal the new jazzed up West Coast Dance Theater. She’s excited. Norine is crying and is upset because she knows it won’t be the theater she’s known and loved for all these years. She’s painted it in bright colors, put up a new logo and cleaned everything up. Norine and the dancers are all thrilled. The waiting area for the parents is totally hip. Norine’s office is clean and beautiful. Norine is in happy shock.

Abby shows her a trophy shelf she’s put up and tells them next time she comes, there better be a winning trophy. In the studio, she’s gotten new floors, painted the room and made it amazing. Abby says it’s a fresh start and what a dance studio should look like. She says new kids are going to sign up. Abby hands out new shirts as everyone chants her name.

Abby says if Norine doesn’t knock it out of the park at her showcase, the new studio won’t matter. Abby says it’s time to practice. Abby watches the big jazz number. She starts giving criticism right away. Norine lets her make the change. Abby tells the dancers it’s a huge deal and says they have to rock the house.

It’s showcase time and Norine is nervous and says it’s a lot of pressure. She says if she doesn’t get new students, the doors will close. They all get ready for their numbers. Norine says it’s time and she comforts Sara who is crying and feeling the pressure for the future of the dance studio. Abby says this is the moment of truth and says if the kids wow the audience, maybe Norine will realize she has to do competition to survive.

Abby is looking for dancing that will make all the kids in the audience tap their toes and want to go to Norine’s studio to dance. Abby says if Norine fails, it will be the end of her dance theater. Lexee is up first with her solo. It’s a beautiful number. Her mom is crying in the audience. The crowd goes wild. Abby says Lexee could definitely win some competitions.

Next is the junior hip-hop performers. The kids come out and Abby says this could change the game for Norine’s theater. The kids are banging. It’s amazing. They look like pros. Abby’s suggestion really made the number. The crowd goes absolutely insane and Brian is over the moon. Norine introduces her old school jazz number. Abby says she hopes it’s not too old school.

They come out and the girls are doing some really modern stuff to some great music. It has a hip-hop vibe. Lexee is in this one too and she’s great again. The crowd hoots and Abby is impressed that Norine updated her choreography. She says there is more work to do, but she is making progress. Abby takes the stage and says she’s so proud of the kids and then calls them all out.

Then she puts Norine on the spot onstage and asks her if she’s ready to start a competition team. The crowd chants – do it, do it. She says she’s thinking about it. Abby says she had a feeling that would happen she went ahead and entered them in a dance competition that’s taking place in three weeks. She asks Norine what her answer is now and she says she doesn’t have a choice then says “yes.”

Abby asks if anyone wants to sign up for West Coast and hands go up. Abby is excited about them going to the competition. She has high hopes for new students coming in the door. Brian is thrilled that they are going to competition. He says the other studios better watch out. Norine and Abby hug it out. Norine says she’s so grateful to Abby and thanks her.

The dancers take their bows and Abby hugs Norine. They got 30 new students, the hip-hop team won at the competition and Lexee got a platinum award at the competion and… Norine’s office is still clean!