Amal Alamuddin Pregnant – George Clooney’s Reason For Such A Hasty Proposal! (PHOTO)

Amal Alamuddin Pregnant - George Clooney's Reason For Such A Hasty Proposal! (PHOTO)

Is Amal Alamuddin pregnant? It kind of appears that way! George Clooney and his future wife were spotted having a great dinner in Lake Como, Italy recently and some are speculating that there might’ve been something precious Amal was attempting to hide: a baby bump.

It’s hard to believe that George and Amal would already be having a (planned) baby together, which leads many to believe that this surprise pregnancy was one of the reasons why George proposed to Amal in the first place — or at least why everything occurred in warp speed.

There was also an instance where Amal was photographed boarding a boat and looked rather bumpy as well. It could just be a combination of how her dress is made and how things are draping over her body — or it could be a very real baby baby baby bumpy!

Do you think Amal is preggo? Or do you think these are just rumors that were bound to surface eventually? People were surprised to hear that George Clooney, undoubtedly one of the most infamous bachelors in Hollywood, was choosing to settle down with Amal in the first place. News of a baby would (or could possibly) prove that 53-year-old George has finally chosen to grow up…at least a little bit.

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  • Lily Dale

    If she is…….that’s wonderful gonna be one cute kid!

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  • sandra

    She is a classy lady and also has a good brain and those are the things that has drawn George Clooney and all of the public attention to her. She is not seeking his money or fame and that is even more the reason he loves her and she is very independent and professional in her own right. She is our new Jackie O and has the same class and is also a lady not a tramp. Their love will last & my parents were married on Sept 27,1943 and they loved each other until death did they part , so I think this is going to be a long and very special union. I don’t think Amal is pregnant , but if she is then that is great and at their age the sooner the better and by the way I think George will be a much better husband than JF Kennedy was to Jackie and i hope they will soon take time out for each other and all of the events that they have had to attend will make someone lose weight without dieting. She is lovely the way she is and that is the Lady that George feel in love with and now his wife and she has put him back in the news – what a switch for George and you can see how proud he is of her (so back off everyone) and let them enjoy each other for awhile and when or if she gets pregnant I am sure they will be proud to let us all know..I Wish YA’LL A LONG AND HAPPY LIFE ? Sandra from NC ?