Angelina Jolie Pregnant One Last Time After Brad Pitt Marriage?

Angelina Jolie Pregnant One Last Time After Brad Pitt Marriage?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married this past weekend after being together got years. Could Angelina want to get pregnant? Angelina Jolie may be working her way through her bucket list by checking off some important events before she prepares for an oophorectomy to remove her ovaries. Jolie has committed to being very proactive about her health after her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died of ovarian cancer in 2007. In 2013 Jolie had a double mastectomy after learning she carries the BRCA1 gene, leaving her with a very high chance of developing breast or ovarian cancer.

Earlier this year, Jolie told Entertainment Weekly that she still had one more surgery ahead of her. That surgery she was referring to is the oophorectomy to remove her ovaries as another preventative, proactive measure. “There’s still another surgery to have, which I haven’t yet. I’ll get advice from all these wonderful people who I’ve been talking to, to get through that next stage,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Knowing she has this surgery hanging over her, she is taking some time now to focus on her family and to mark some very significant events off of her list of goals. Of course, the world found out this morning about Jolie’s marriage to long-time partner Brad Pitt. The couple had kept media, family, and friends waiting and wondering for years when the two would finally tie the knot. The timing is interesting given that she is likely planning to have the oophorectomy in the near future. The two have been together since 2005 and have continued to grow their family every year.  Since the two became a couple, they have adopted two children, and gave birth to another three, rounding their family out to six children in all. But, could there be a seventh on the way?

There has been steady rumblings of the couple working on a seventh, but up until now, the couple hadn’t been actively trying. Knowing this may be her last chance to carry a child, she and Brad are now seriously considering adding one more child to their already-oversized family.  The couple has been telling their children for years that they will get married, but continued to postpone the nuptials until now.  Angelina is trying to be as proactive about her life as she is about managing her health, she wants to live her life to the fullest and ensure she doesn’t miss out on anything life has to offer. Most important to Angie is her family, no doubt. So, to now be married to Brad, and to have another child with him fits right into her lifelong plans. She continually thinks about how her mother lost her life at such a young age. Marcheline was only 56 when she passed away. Angelina wants to make sure she enjoys every bit of life in the event hers is cut short.

Another baby fits right into her master plan with Pitt. The newlyweds are enjoying their new status as man and wife and are giddy about getting pregnant and having one more child before Angelina has her last surgery. She had always hoped to give Brad one more child. Now that the other children are getting older and more independent, she has been especially anxious to have another infant around. Brad and Angie figure that their life is already so chaotic, one more just adds to the chaotic bliss.

Do you think Angelina and Brad should be thinking of another baby now, or focusing on her surgery? Weight in below.

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