Beyonce Divorce Update: Jay-Z Split Rumors Confirmed by VMA Awards Seating Plan – Jay-Z Not Sitting With Beyonce

Beyonce Divorce Update: Jay-Z Split Rumors Confirmed by VMA Awards Seating Plan - Jay-Z Not Sitting With Beyonce

Beyonce is not sitting with Jay-Z at the VMA Awards, which most likely means that he won’t even be at the event to support her. However, it does provide Beyonce the perfect opportunity to announce her divorce from Jay-Z – whether she does it officially or unofficially.

Let’s face it – if she turns up at the event without Jay-Z by her side, it’s tantamount to admitting that they’re getting divorced. However, if they both turn up to the VMAs and then don’t sit together, that’s even more of an admission of divorce. Whichever way you slice it, it looks like Beyonce’s going public with her single status this weekend.

She probably figures that everybody already knows the truth, so why bother hiding it? Every single magazine and tabloid has already confirmed the news of Beyonce’s divorce, and now it’s just a matter of waiting for the official announcement. Beyonce and Jay-Z are still trying to work out custody details and details of the divorce settlement, which is probably what’s causing the delay. I mean, Beyonce already has her apartment to move into after the divorce, and she and Jay-Z are no longer living together.

In addition to making her debut as a single lady [lends some new irony to the song ‘Single Ladies’, no?], Beyonce might also announce her divorce at the VMAs themselves. It’s a big event, everybody either watches it or reads about it the next morning, and it will allow her to control the message. She can make the announcement the way she wants people to hear about it, and she’ll be able to manipulate audience sympathies towards her before Jay-Z gets a word in.

What do you guys think? Will Beyonce make a statement about her divorce? Or will she just let Jay-Z’s absence do all the talking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

13 responses to “Beyonce Divorce Update: Jay-Z Split Rumors Confirmed by VMA Awards Seating Plan – Jay-Z Not Sitting With Beyonce”


    the divorce is definitely on the way thats it its a wrap their divorcing it’s over don’t cry me a river LOL and she don’t deserve that Michael Jackson Vanguard Award she just don’t know if that’s the case Rihanna should get one boom BAM WHAT?

  2. ThatNotFunny says:

    She’s a Virgo with a Scorp Moon. She loves too chaotically. Better match with a Gemini Moon if she wants control.. Serious.

    Also Beyoncé are you going to change your hair color? The blonde is getting tiresome. Maybe black to match a lot of your Scorpio influenced and Virgo ways??

  3. Fenny Famous says:

    They should go back to Africa

  4. Omy okkh says:

    Hummmm. What can I say? I really love seeing them together though.

  5. Nathan says:

    So… Beyoncé and Jay-Z are splitting because they’re not sitting next to each other? I didn’t sit next to my girlfriend at a dinner we went to last week, does that mean we’re splitting?

  6. dd says:

    This is complete and utter trash. You people don’t know Beyonce and jay personally and act as if you’ve got all the details smh

  7. Fora Virtualcity says:

    In other words “Drones! We want ratings… so tune in. ”

  8. Vashti Frederick says:

    Beyonce needs to realize ok he cheated on her but I don’t think I would break my marriage bond unless it happens again .Marriages don’t work through problems like couples did in the old days.Very seldom do you see 50&60 year old marriages imagine what they been thru.

  9. nobodycares says:

    Too much time in your hands. There is no divorce. Let them be.

  10. Guest says:

    LOL…If Beyonce actually comes clean and say that her and Jay Z are divorcing, Beyonce will still remain as HOT market. Boys will still want her and many women will adore her for supporting women in general so she has nothing to lose. Jay z on the other hand will have lost EVERYTHING after their divorce…he’ll definitely not be as popular over time and dwindle away like some of the non-relevant celebrities today.

  11. […] don’t call her Queen Bee for nothing. We already knew that the VMAs were going to belong to Beyonce last night. She has had a crazy good year musically and was the intended recipient of The Video Vanguard […]

  12. Cole says:

    Those rumors were confirmed last night by the love and affection they showed toward each other. right!?! this site is BS

  13. My Galaxy Prime says:

    I just love how this article blew up in the writer’s face and now every word that they said makes them look like a talentless hack. lol Assuming makes you what?