Beyonce Divorce, Jay-Z Cheating: Split Exposed by Rapper Liv – ‘I’m Sorry Mrs. Carter’ (VIDEO)

Beyonce Divorce, Jay-Z Cheating: Split Exposed by Rapper Liv - 'I’m Sorry Mrs. Carter' (VIDEO)

Watch Liv’s new music video for her song I’m Sorry Mrs. Carter with the volume turned down, and you might just think you are watching a late night commercial for party phone lines. In a tacky new video, freshman rapper Liv adds fuel to the divorce rumors and throws shade at Beyonce as she hints that there may be some truth to the rumors of a Liv-Jay-Z cheating hookup.

Liv is definitely attractive, and likely Jay-Z’s type, but if she was planning to take the world by storm using a song to put Jay-Z on blast for trying to hook up with her, and the media to help it go viral, she should have put more money into the song and video. It is one thing to go up against Beyonce… but to do it so publicly with such a low-budget song and video, you are not doing yourself any favors, Liv. Chances are that after seeing and hearing your track, many will conclude that the rumors are nothing more than your way of getting publicity at the expense of Beyonce and Jay-Z and adding to the divorce and cheating talk.

Despite Liv’s lack of talent for tact, and lack of money for the video, she might just be telling a true story with her carefully written lyrics that she raps over a sample of Outkast’s I’m Sorry Mrs. Jackson. Liv obviously aims to break the news to Mrs. Carter, aka Beyonce (Jay-Z’s last name is Carter) that her man is a sleaze by implying that Rita Ora slept with him in her quest for fame, reports Pop Dust. She also shares that while Jay-Z wanted her, she turned him down out of respect for Beyonce, reports Yahoo Celebrity, but later claims he still wants her!

Likely many won’t take her seriously, but will have to admit that she has some serious guts coming out with lyrics that take direct aim at Beyonce and Jay-Z. The kind of guts you have when you are speaking the truth. Back in May, Liv talked to about the first time she talked to Jay Z and they exchanged numbers. She recalled Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister, swarming around Jay Z to make sure he was not messing around on her sister.

Liv says that she wasn’t surprised about the elevator drama between Solange and Jay Z since Jay has a roaming eye and Solange is very protective of her sister. She shared, “I told you the day Jay-Z and I exchanged numbers (at Nobu Miami), Solange came walking up out of nowhere! I thought I was about to get my ass beat myself so I backed off quickly … she has been guarding her sister’s property since day one. Bey doesn’t even have to say anything. Solange is a beast.”

Liv’s track comes on the heels of a media frenzy over the current status of the couple’s marriage after Jay Z’s been the subject of many reports of cheating and divorce lately.

So, CDLers…your turn to tell us what you think. Is Liv legit, or using Bey and Jay for publicity? Weigh in below!

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