Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce: Bey Never Wanted To Marry Jay-Z and Cheating Rumors Encourage Split

Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce: Bey Never Wanted To Marry Jay-Z and Cheating Rumors Encourage Split

Beyonce and Jay-Z may be avoiding the divorce rumors while they’re on the tour, but their troubled marriage is slowly catching up to them. They may have worked hard to cultivate the image of a perfect family for all these years, but all those affairs, one-night stands, and fights are now coming back to bite them in the rear end.

Page Six has an epic expose on the Beyonce/Jay-Z marriage, explaining how the first couple of music royalty came together and drifted apart. Apparently, Beyonce never wanted to date Jay-Z when she first met him, even though he was supposedly infatuated with her. Page Six’s source explains that she just wasn’t attracted to him, although she realized that he could do things for her that no one else could. Their collaborations at that point had already become huge hits, and she started to recognize the potential in his business decisions.

The source explains, “Jay’s a kingmaker; she recognized that. This was a come-up for her, no question. She had to learn the ropes as presented by Jay — but really, this was mostly about business.”

Anyway, the two eventually get together and Beyonce ‘learned’ to love Jay-Z. Together, they built a billion-dollar music empire, helped along the way with their exclusivity and high-profile brand image. But then, their ‘secret’ open marriage went public the night of the MET Gala, where Solange Knowles accused Jay-Z of openly cheating on her sister. She may not have known that her sister and Jay-Z had an open marriage, but her attack opened the media floodgates. Suddenly, Beyonce and Jay-Z were no longer off-limits, and Jay-Z’s affairs with his proteges became public news. In the end, a divorce has become the only way to move forward, for both Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Jay-Z has reportedly tried everything to convince Beyonce to stay with him, but nothing’s worked. At that point, it’s only a matter of time before they get divorced. But the source adds that even when their divorce comes, it’ll be all about their ‘brand’. These two have always put business ahead of their marriage, and they’re going to continue that, even as they get a divorce.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet