Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Major Game Changes During BB16 – Two HOHs, Plus New Competition Challenge!

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Major Game Changes During BB16 - Two HOHs, Plus New Competition Challenge!

The premiere of Big Brother 16 is right around the corner and, according to a recent reveal, there will be some major changes during this season of Big Brother. What can we expect during this 16th season? What will we be able to look forward to? We’ve heard that there will be an incredible amount of twists this season; however, a few twists/changes were revealed by Julie Chen on The Talk recently, which definitely has Big Bro fans excited.

One of the major twists that will be introduced into season 16 is the presence of TWO Head of Households. Yep, that’s right, folks. You heard right. Unlike past seasons, which only allowed for one HOH to be crowned, season 16 will introduce a second HOH. Also, Julie revealed that, unlike past seasons, the HOHs won’t be guaranteed safety every week — which will make for more drama, more tension, and definitely more craziness.

There will also be a new competition, which has been given the following name:  “Battle of the Block.” While the details of this game haven’t been released, we hear that this game will have the power to DRASTICALLY shift the power in the house each week. Oh, no! Sounds like crazytime is about to happen.

Another twist entitled “Team America” will also allow America to shake up the house like never before. This element will be highly interacting, and I suspect it will install some form of voting element within the game.

Interested in the house’s theme this season? According to Big Brother spoilers around the internet, the house will be treehouse-themed, and it will give the houseguests the impression that they are viewing the world from inside a treehouse. Aw, how special!

It truly sounds like this season NOBODY IS SAFE. If these future houseguests think that they’re going to have a relaxing, carefree summer, then they’ve got another thing coming. What are your thoughts on these new changes? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to keep checking CDL for all of your BB 16 spoilers and sneak peeks!