Big Brother 16 Spoilers: All-Star Cast For Summer 2014 – CBS Drops Major Clue!

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: All-Star Cast For Summer 2014 - CBS Drops Major Clue!

The highly anticipated two night premiere of Big Brother 16 is just a week away, and BB fans have been scouring the internet in search of spoilers and clues regarding the upcoming season. One rumor that just won’t seem to go away, is that we may have another Big Brother All Star season on our hands. Returning players have made appearances throughout the years on Big Brother, but it has been years since Big Brother 7 aired with an entire cast of returning players.

It seems like every summer around this time rumors begin flying around that this will be the season that TPTB bring in an All Star cast. CBS dropped a major clue hinting that the rumors and spoilers about an All Star cast might actually be true this time. The network recently added every single episode of Big Brother 7, the All Star season, on their website for diehard fans to binge watch while waiting for this summer’s premiere. It looks like they are getting fans on board for another season of All Stars!

Also, rumors have been running rampant that returning players are headed to sequester right now and waiting to be ushered in to the Big Brother house. Some of the players rumored to be returning include Ian Terry (BB14 winner), Eric Stein, and Frank Eudy. It makes sense that those players would be returning if CBS is holding another All Stars season.

What do you think Big Brother fans? Do you hope that the All Stars rumors are true, or would you rather see new faces in the Big Brother house? If it is an All Star season, what Big Brother alums would you like to see return this Summer? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your BB 16 spoilers!