Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Marriage Hangs By A Thread – Miranda Says No To Pregnancy

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's Marriage Hangs By A Thread - Miranda Says No To Pregnancy

I can’t help but think that if Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were ever spotted together in public regularly it might help us to believe their marriage is okay. Instead they appear to be hanging by a thread and that makes it a whole lot easier to believe all of the rumors. Apparently Miranda agrees and she pressured Blake not to do another season of The Voice. When the show first started it was 8 months between seasons so there was a lot of down time. Now a new cycle begins every 9 week with lots of publicity done in between so Blake often chooses just to stay in LA where it films.

According to the Jan. 20th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Miranda believes that the show is really contributing to the failure of their marriage but Blake could care less. He has said that they only way that he’ll walk away is when he asks for more money than they are willing to pay. Otherwise, he’s staying put and Miranda figures this decision is like the final straw in their broken marriage.

It seems like they are at odds over everything. Miranda wants Blake to head to rehab for his drinking but he believes that there is nothing wrong with his hard-partying ways. He also has pushed her to start a family but Miranda flat out refuses to bring a baby into the unstable relationship. I can’t say that I blame her, can you? Plus, she might be afraid to put back all that weight she lost, right?

Do you think that Miranda and Blake are going to be able to work through all of these issues in order to have a future together? There are divorce rumblings swirling all around them, will 2014 be the year that

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