Brad Pitt Fighting With Angelina Jolie Over Smoking and ‘By The Sea’ – Angie’s Cancer Risk (PHOTO)

Brad Pitt Fighting With Angelina Jolie Over Smoking and 'By The Sea' - Angie's Cancer Risk (PHOTO)

Every time Brad Pitt sneezes, or Angelina Jolie blows her nose, it makes news. So of course the big news story this week is how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been ZOMG! fighting. In Touch Weekly managed to get their hands on pictures of Angelina and Brad having an argument on the balcony of their hotel, and of course all the tabloids have started leaping to conclusions about what this means.

If we’re taking a logical and less cynical approach to this story, we could say that they were rehearsing filming for By The Sea, since they play a married couple that’s fighting in that movie. However, sources claimed that filming for By The Sea was wrapped up by the time these photos were taken, so that can’t be right.

It’s possible that they were fighting about something inconsequential, but their body language doesn’t support that. Whatever they were talking about, it was intense and impassioned, and both of them felt very strongly about it. There’s clearly a lot of vigorous hand gesturing and hand waving, and neither one of them looks particularly happy in any of the pictures. But of course, the kicker – and the focus of many narratives – is the fact that Angelina is lighting up a cigarette at the end of the argument!

Shocker – Saint Angelina Jolie still smokes when she’s stressed out. In fact, it’s possible that Brad’s fight with Angelina centered around her smoking, as In Touch’s source adds, “Brad doesn’t want her smoking — at all.” Considering that Angelina went through the trouble of getting an elective double mastectomy to make sure she didn’t get breast cancer and still faces an oophorectomy to prevent ovarian cancer (which killed her mom, Marcheline Bertrand), smoking cigarettes is definitely a reckless endeavor – and something her husband clearly disagrees with.

Do you guys agree or disagree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Brad Pitt Fighting With Angelina Jolie About Cigarette Smoking and Cancer: Angie's Health at Risk! (PHOTO)


4 responses to “Brad Pitt Fighting With Angelina Jolie Over Smoking and ‘By The Sea’ – Angie’s Cancer Risk (PHOTO)”

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  2. iamAtlas says:

    They are both pictured with cigs at the same time

  3. iamAtlas says:

    Maybe Brad should support his wife by NOT SMOKING TOO!! What a jerk to lecture her while he’s swilling beer for breakfast and smoking in front of her! 2nd hand smoke is just as bad for her cancer risk. He’s STUPID and an ASS.

  4. […] Anyway, Angelina Jolie was not hurt, she was not waiting for a long time to get a replacement, and in fact, this seems to have bonded Angelina even further with the city of Los Angeles. Either that, or screening Unbroken over and over again is finally wearing her down. […]