Bruce Jenner Sex Change: Gender Reassignment Process Continues With Estrogen Treatments

Bruce Jenner Sex Change: Gender Reassignment Process Continues with Estrogen Treatments

We have been telling you for months that Bruce Jenner‘s sex change – his slow and steady transformation into becoming a woman – is most definitely on. Every time we catch a glimpse of Bruce he appears more girly than the time before and, in recent months, he has grown his hair long, adopted a really bad coral shade of lipstick, and then went as far as to have a laryngeal shave done to smooth out his neck’s appearance.

Bruce Jenner has paved a clear path for himself towards a sex change and, according to the Sept. 15th print edition of In Touch Weekly, the former Olympian looks as if he is now growing breasts. What would cause this to happen? Well, according to sources, estrogen treatments are likely the cause of Bruce Jenner’s most recent physical changes. Hormone therapy is just one more step towards full gender reassignment and it seems to solidify the idea that this is precisely what Bruce is in the process of doing.

Is there any other realistic explanation for why Bruce Jenner is appearing more feminine other than the fact that he is undergoing a gradual sex change? The Kardashians have claimed that he is committed to beauty routines thanks to living with a house full of high maintenance women. Do you think that Bruce is taking hormones as part of a very well thought out and planned gender reassignment process? Tell us in the comments below!

Image credit to FameFlynet