Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Causing Endless Friction With Kris Jenner On KUWTK – Ponytail Battle!

Bruce Jenner's Sex Change Causing Endless Friction With Kris Jenner On KUWTK - Ponytail Battle!

Based on the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it’s safe to say that Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner are not getting along. Although Kris has denied rumors of Bruce getting a sex change, Bruce’s behavior [both on and off the show] doesn’t support that theory. Much to Kris’ chagrin, he refused to cut his ponytail off, lending credence to the sex change rumors.

Although nobody on the show is mentioning Bruce getting a sex change [probably on the network’s orders], his recently-changed feminine features, long hair, and shaved-down Adam’s apple make his intentions pretty clear. And Kris’ efforts to get Bruce to cut his hair went in vain, with Bruce fighting against Kris’ controlling nature.

Bruce refused to get his ponytail cut, telling the stylist on the show, “I have not had a hair cut in probably a year and something. I want to keep it long in the front because I like wearing a pony tail. We’re not getting rid of the pony tail.”

Kris was obviously trying to make his transformation less obvious to the public, but she didn’t succeed. Not only did Bruce make his plans very transparent from the get-go, he didn’t let Kris’ nor his daughters’ pressure stop him from going ahead with his sex change. He railed against Kris’ controlling nature, and with their separation, he’s finally been able to go ahead and do whatever he wants.

There’s nothing Kris could do to stop him, and that much is obvious from watching the show. He’s finally grown a pair, which is ironic considering that it took him getting a sex change to stand up to his ex-wife.

 Image credit to FameFlynet