Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Completed This Summer – Picks ‘Brigitte’ as New Name!

Bruce Jenner's Sex Change Transformation To Be Completed This Summer!

Bruce Jenner reportedly toned down his sex change transformations until after Kim Kardashian‘s wedding, probably due to pressure from Kim and his ex-wife, Kris Jenner. He knew the whole world [a.k.a. the 30 people that still watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians] would be watching Kim’s wedding, so he may have slowed down the rate of all of his procedures to acquiesce to his family’s requests.

However, a source tells the National Enquirer that now that Kim’s wedding is complete, Bruce is planning to finish the rest of his dramatic transformation this summer. A photo of Bruce in Malibu a couple of weeks ago showed him with long and manicured fingernails, wearing his low hanging ponytail and a cap over his head.

But get this: according to Hollywood Hiccups (from NE) Bruce is changing his name to Brigitte (after his idol, Brigitte Bardot) and will insist that all friends and family refer to him by his new name!

Manicured fingernails are just the next step in a long line of procedures that Bruce has completed, including shaving down his Adam’s apple, growing his hair out, and using plastic surgery to create delicate and feminine facial features.

He’s also clearly gotten hair plugs, not to mention lip injections and highlights in his hair – all cosmetic enhancements that mostly concern women, not 64-year-old men. And in addition to that, he’s reportedly planning on getting breast enhancements and undertaking hormone therapy. All this has happened over the space of a year – and that’s with him supposedly having slowed down everything to help prepare for Kim’s wedding. Can you imagine how fast he’ll be changing now that he doesn’t have that pressure on his head anymore? He’s a free man, for all intents and purposes, and to Bruce, that apparently means that he’s finally able to complete his sex change.

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