GLOBE: Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles $350 Million Divorce – Queen Elizabeth Calls Camilla “A Disgrace” (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles $350 Million Divorce - Queen Elizabeth Calls Camilla "A Disgrace" (PHOTO)

After nearly a year of teetering on the edge it seems that Camilla Parker-Bowles marriage to Prince Charles has finally gone over the cliff. She has invested an enormous amount of time in trying to either scheme or bully her way onto the throne and now it is extremely apparent that Camilla’s efforts have completely failed. Last fall she tried to force the royal family into a $350 million divorce pay out to buy her silence, a notion that was laughed at by Queen Elizabeth who has no intention of paying Camilla a dime. In fact, according to the July 14th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Camilla and Charles are indeed barreling towards divorce and Elizabeth isn’t about to buckle to the duchess’ demands. Instead she has declared Charles’ wife a disgrace and wants her gone.

Camilla isn’t likely to go without a fight though. This chick has always been in it either for the crown or for a nice payday and so expect her to dig in her heels on this one. She has also been at Charles’ side for over 3 decades so she certainly does have a lot of dirt on him. Do you think that eventually the royals will cave and pay her to keep her mouth shut?

GLOBE Magazine always likes to take a close look at the lives of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and in the July 14th issue they are catching up with iconic rockers. Where are Jerry Lee Lewis, Connie Francis and Joni Mitchell as well as a bunch of others now? You’ll have to grab a copy to find out for yourself.

Sources are claiming that Pope Francis is dying and that the Vatican is trying to keep his illness under wraps. That’s not the only secret that GLOBE  is talking about this week. They also have a personal look at the final days of Eli Wallach and what he kept hidden until the very end.

As usual GLOBE is loaded with top investigative reporting and inside stories that you won’t find anywhere else so you’ll want to grab yourself a copy. The British royals are exposed in GLOBE as in no other news magazine – to learn the truth I read GLOBE every week so I can stay ahead of the curve. How ugly to you think that Charles and Camilla’s split will become? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Jayne grey

    Be careful Camilla .. You could meet the same fate as your predecessor .. Be afraid.. Be very afraid.;

    • Jerseysmelltours

      If she showed no fear when he eventually dis-robed, she’s got gin and tonic flowing in her blood-stream.

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  • Elaine Bruce

    Where did this info come from cos its not on the news or any paper here.

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  • Jerseysmelltours

    When, to my amazement and I guess a very wide and large segment of the world, he could find no passion for/with Diana, we had to wonder maybe not the right woman? Now we have to wonder; Has he, as we always felt from the start, just really like the guys all a long? I mean most gay guy’s butts would look better than that hag….but for $350 million better be a slick pooper?

  • Daniel

    I never liked the hag, but I am delighting that the defamation, and slander done to get rid of Diana, is now blowing up at Royal family-let me rephrase that-Coyal (snake) corporation (they aren’t a family, they’re a parasite). If Camilla wishes to live, she better not drive, or fly from now on… My have the tables have turned, have fun checking behind your back for the rest of your life.

  • Daniel

    You shouldn’t have wasted your time spouting bullshit at me. Why was the theft of her car, missing from your report? You know nothing, that’s worth reading, goodbye.