Camilla Parker-Bowles Vows to Be Queen: Fights Elizabeth’s Preference for Prince William and Kate Middleton (PHOTOS)

Camilla Parker-Bowles Vows to Be Queen: Fights Elizabeth's Preference for Prince William and Kate Middleton (PHOTOS)

Camilla Parker-Bowles has got to be the most delusional royal that Queen Elizabeth has ever had to deal with. I mean we have heard about those over the top conversations between the ladies that leave Elizabeth with a headache and it’s clear that Camilla refuses to accept defeat. She was content to be Prince Charles’ side chick for three decades because somewhere in her head she believed that she would ultimately become Queen. Once he finally married Camilla she thought her future was sealed because it’s Charles’ birthright to rule England. Then came Kate Middleton to completely throw a monkey wrench into Cami’s plan.

According to the June 23rd print edition of GLOBE Magazine Queen Elizabeth recently decided that Prince William and Kate Middleton will top the monarchy once she abdicates next year and Camilla is refusing to accept the decision. Of course she is dealing with it from the inside of a gin bottle but that seems to be where Camilla does her best work. She drinks and then terrorizes the staff. Ironically she seems to believe that in spite of the queen insisting that her mind is made up, there is still a chance to change it.

Camilla is trying to get everyone in her corner because she believes that if the staff and other royals somehow support her bid to be queen then maybe Elizabeth will reconsider. Instead those suffering through Camilla’s drunken rages believe that she is as delusional as they come and that the sooner she and Charles split the better. Has Camilla totally lost her mind?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet