Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate On Next Birthday and Name Prince William and Kate Middleton King and Queen – Report

Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate On Next Birthday and Name Prince William and Kate Middleton King and Queen - Report

It has been a tough year for Queen Elizabeth and aside from her declining health she has also been deep in thought over the state of the monarchy. Elizabeth has been facing decisions that she has had no choice but to meet head on. Either she can stay in power until the day that she dies or else she could make a strong decision to abdicate and pass the throne that she loves onto someone who is deserving. Just because it’s Prince Charles’ birthright to rule that doesn’t mean that he is the best choice for the job and after much consideration Elizabeth has decided that Prince William will succeed her along with his wife, Kate Middleton as per GLOBE.

According to the June 23rd print edition of GLOBE Magazine Elizabeth has decided that on April 21, 2015 – her 89th birthday she will abdicate and the crown will be handed over to William and Kate. It’s a decision that The Queen is very comfortable making, especially after watching the young couple gracefully move through their first year of parenthood. They have proven that they can raise a young family and fulfill the requirements of royal engagements. Plus the British people look up to them as an example of how to survive young married life. William and Kate feel somewhat relatable and Elizabeth believes that is something that will help to push the monarchy into a new era.

Are you surprised that Elizabeth would willingly give her power away or does that sound exactly like what this woman who likes to control things would do? What about the inevitable reactions of Prince Charles and his lovely wife Camilla Parker-Bowles? Charles has been taking on an increasingly important role in the monarchy and has arrogated control of Palace media precisely to limit the exposure of William and Kate. One can imagine that the politically awkward heir will object bitterly to his son passing him by. As far as Camilla we can only imagine the hysterics that will follow The Queen’s decision! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. SpringBeauty says:

    This story is bogus. Queen Elizabeth cannot pick and choose who will succeed her. The only way Charles can be bypassed is if HE chooses to abdicate. Death by Camilla would be likely, should he give up the throne to Kate and Wm.

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  3. […] to the June 23rd print edition of GLOBE Magazine Queen Elizabeth recently decided that Prince William and Kate Middleton will top the monarchy once she abdicates next year and Camilla is refusing to accept the decision. Of course she is dealing with it from the inside of […]

  4. micmac says:

    The rest of us read the textbooks, study the history and the laws, pass the exams and know exactly what power Queen Elizabeth has to alter the succession. We even read the news and see the Queen opening Parliament on Internet. Just like Plunkitt. UK and the other Commonwealth countries are constitutional monarchies, not absolute monarchies. Is that the sort of “inside information” you are referring to?

  5. ???? ????? says:

    You know well everything?

    Maybe you put yourself to play!