Kate Middleton Under Queen Elizabeth’s Close Observation After Bare Bum Scandal (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Under Queen Elizabeth's Close Observation After Bare Bum Scandal (PHOTOS)

It’s interesting to note that the first public appearance from Kate Middleton since her bare bum scandal has been one that she’s made with Queen Elizabeth, during the D-Day Memorial. Coincidence? I think not.

The royal family has always had a history of scandals and drama, but this new generation’s making quite an attempt at creating a lasting impression in the media. We have Prince Harry and his partying, and now Kate Middleton and her exhibitionist ways. As much as we can claim that she’s a prim and proper lady who is fit to be the future King’s wife, she’s certainly not made the Queen happy recently. You can argue that her naked picture scandal a few years ago wasn’t necessarily her fault, considering the fact that they were in a private location and the pictures were illegally taken. However, can you use the same argument for her recent bare bum scandal?

I guarantee you that Kate knew it would be a windy day, and yet she decided not to weight her dress down or wear anything underneath. I mean, is it that hard to put on a piece of underwear that would actually cover her bum?

So I’m not surprised that Queen Elizabeth had decided to keep Kate close to her, especially during such an important occasion. D-Day means a lot to to the royals, and I don’t think the they would have been able to live it down had Kate had another one of her upskirt moments during the memorial. They’re already having a hard enough time getting the press to forget about the fact that it happened once – if it happened again, and during the D-Day memorial no less, the media would never, ever let them forget it.

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