Prince William And Kate Middleton Fight With Prince Charles – Camilla Parker-Bowles Starts Royal War

Prince William And Kate Middleton Fight With Prince Charles - Camilla Parker-Bowles Starts Royal War

I bet the Royals are wishing that Prince Charles could pack his out-of-control wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles off for another sunny Indian retreat to dry out and sober up. It seems that Camilla has masterminded a power struggle between Charles and his oldest son, Prince William. She has always been anxious to sit on that throne beside Charles, as queen, but there seems to be a major monkey wrench in that plan and it has caused Camilla to spin completely out of control.

Queen Elizabeth’s health has been steadily declining and her recent bout of “The Trots” led to a brief hospitalization. According to the March 25th print edition of GLOBE the Queen actually left the hospital AMA in order to break up the havoc that Camilla had caused in her absence!   It has been rumored that the Queen has promised Prince William that he will pass by his father and be the next to ascend the throne and Camilla is pulling out all of the stops to prove that William and his pregnant wife, Kate Middleton are unfit to rule.

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According to the GLOBE, “Elizabeth left the hospital before her treatment was complete because her absence was stirring up more trouble between Charles, Camilla and Prince William.” It sounds like Camilla is trying to pit Charles against his son so that he too will resort to extreme measures to prevent William from becoming king. Every family has to have at least one dysfunctional nut bag and this is clearly Camilla’s function amongst the royals.

As for the Queen, well she isn’t caving on her original plan and is obviously sharp as a tack. She knows that Camilla is crazy and listens to very little of what she has to say. William is the logical choice for the next king and the Queen likes that he can bring young blood to the monarchy and rule for many years.

Will Camilla bust up Charles and William’s relationship? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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